Grim Dawn Loyalist Pack 3 coming soon!

Wow this will look cool on my summoner Cabalist… :slight_smile:

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I see what’s happening here. It’s just Zantai and his never ending quest for MOAR money! Not going to fool me this time!

preorder when ?


The real question is, how many pants skins will it have? I’m running out.


Hairstyles would be good, now the hairstyles mod no longer works with 1.2.


This thread led me to check the Steam Store and I was surprised that the previous loyalist packs were available. I bought both and will buy this new one. With the time I’ve spent with this game, Crate definitely deserves it.


Those bone overlapping shoulders look redundant. I would remove them. The rest is good :+1:.


I would pay money for an MTX regarding a green Albrecht’s Aether Ray, one with poison and these things, Sir Zantai! :slight_smile:

maybe you can convince them to include acid AAR modifier/fx/item for FoA release :thinking:
if not conduit etc, could maybe be added as hidden modifier to putrid necklace (is actually doable to just add hidden FX change to an item without giving skill stats)


Imo these especially look cool on the set!

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For me it looks like two shoulderguard pieces put together, one on top of another. Too cumbersome, do not like it :unamused:.


Oh good sir, you have no idea how many times I tried to convince these fine people to include a green AAR, be it on the Necklace or elsewhere. It’s just a dream that my wife and I have - to have all the colors on the AAR, reaching from yellow to red to violet and, most and foremost, green. I don’t expect a gamebreaking AAR. I don’t want buffs. I don’t want it to be effective. I just want one variant to be toxic green is all. :slight_smile:

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How does it feel to make a game so good that your fans spend years clamoring for more avenues to throw money at you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it amazing that I read reviews on other games and see nothing but complaints that the skins are all over priced and the dev’s are spending too much time on making them…

Now here we all are complaining that Crate isn’t spending MOAR time creating more loyalist packs in order to lighten our overflowing wallets…

Another reason Crate is hands down the best company currently making games.

Support for a game for YEARS after release CHECK
Fine tuning every character/item/devotion/skill for YEARS after release CHECK
Creating a 4th DLC long after everyone thought GD was done CHECK
Game + DLC’s are affordable CHECK
Loyalist packs affordable and not overpriced CHECK
Dev’s actually respond and listen to players CHECK
Dev’s don’t just do kneejerk reactions to fix an issue CHECK

Seriously, what other game even remotely comes close to the support Crate has given?


nice!! I will def get all the loyalist pack when 3 comes out.

Future money already spent.

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Quik Wins Flawless Victory

25 Feb 2016 to End of Time

I hope not to see just like cosmetics, i like to see sets armor from all loyalist packs