Grim Dawn Stream.

Hello everyone, I’m going to be starting a Grim Dawn stream and youtube series. I’ll be playing a semi-blind Veteran/Hardcore series and will continue on until I beat what’s currently in the game. I’ve only played until level 10 and have only cleared a few quests total.

I’ve been waiting for a good time to hop in to Grim Dawn and I think now is the best time. Ever since it was announced on the TQ forums, I’ve been super anxious to play.

No spoilers please.

I’ll also be playing other games as well. Valkyria Chronicles, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Speedrunners, CS:GO, Legend of Grimrock 2, Wizardry 6-8. However, my main focus will be Grim Dawn.

Since I need to have three posts to link things, search for Credge on twitch or type in credge after the .tv url. When I get three posts I’ll update it with a link here.

Hello Yinmaren

And welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn!

looking forward to view your GD stream

i will post your Twitch link :wink:

Hey, thanks a bunch. I really appreciate it. I’ll also be doing some multiplayer of the game sometime down the road. I’ve got a friend who picked it up with me and, once we get a little more familiar with the game, we’ll probably build some really awful characters and die repeatedly with them.

Hello everyone, I’m starting back up again. I’ll also be adding all of these as a Let’s Play to youtube. The only videos that will be missing are the first day videos.

Sounds great, the game could need some more streamers to become more famous :slight_smile: . I would do that, but my upload sucks balls, impossible to stream lol.

i know how you feel… also my shitty system has some problems :confused:

Yea you need both, good internet and a good system :slight_smile: . Once I have tried to stream Path of exile, but even with the lowest configuration it was stuttering like hell. Too bad, cause I really would like to stream. My upload is something like 0,3-0,5 mb :smiley: . No money at the moment for a better internet :slight_smile:

i have got a decent internet 3-5 mb but money is really the problem to buy a newer system…

We should put together your internet and my computer lol

it is possible, we don’t live that far apart from each other :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes I just saw that you are living in the netherlands :smiley: so we are more or less neighbours :stuck_out_tongue: