Grim Dawn v1.0.2.1

Since the new patch seems in testing, maybe a patch notes preview for us mortals?

not yet, things are still subject to change most likely

I will die of waiting too :furious:
When the patch note releases
Ill read every word of it even if it’s 1000 lines long

That’s the spirit!

Such hype it’s insane

Do these patches or any major updates (like the upcoming version) compatible with already middle-game characters without any mess-ups?

I just cannot allow that luxury, not even my characters to go on rampage and lose equipped items. :slight_smile:

We have never lost equipped items in previous patches, so it seems highly likely that this trend will continue.

Someone knows when the next big patch will be released?

Yeah, some guy called Zantai I believe. :wink:

Y’all got one of them patch note sneak previews for

Yes, so we can get people all upset over things they haven’t even played yet. Yes, let’s do that all over again! LOL! :eek:

See: Grim Misadventure #129: Ashen Forecast, specifically people qq’ing over the casting change - when they haven’t even played it. :rolleyes:

to be fair, they never clarified how that casting change effects LMB skills, which is where most of the confusion/bitching is coming from i assume.

To be fair, people should have asked for clarification, or more information instead of jumping into the “sky is falling” routine.

That’s what will happen again if early patch notes are provided. Best to provide patch notes after the patch is released so that people actually play it before complaining about something they haven’t played. At least reduce the complaints before the patch has even hit.

To be fair, now I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing. But what if they release the patch notes early, and someone catches something that eliminates the need to hotfix an otherwise perfect patch? :smiley:

To be fair, at this point, the point of the release of patch notes; it’s too late to catch the bug before release. :wink:

How would you know there was a bug? :wink:

Game breaking spelling error?:eek:

I can see it now, “Forgotten Oxford comma causes blue screen of death!” :smiley:

sweet, great news!

Oxford commas for lyfe!

agree. skeletons were OVERPOWERED on normal, very decent on elite, and then trash on ultimate. their damage and their defense is minuscule, need to summon skelies every time it’s off cooldown.

fortunately i’m about to rebuild my cabalist as non-pets and try some cool poison stuff, looks like i got out in the nick of time!