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4% phys res to Kraken was a buff? Well of course it was, I am shocked/amused that people just ignore Zantai´s post.
50% all dmg, pft. I´d rather take 4% phys res any day.
Like every time my char dies, it´s because it could have survived by dealing a tiny amount more dmg …


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Even for glass cannons, this reduced your damage by a very small percentage, literally will be impossible to notice. It’s 2.5% reduced damage at 2000% all/any damage, which is getting reduced further the more % you have. 2.5% damage dealt compared to 4% physical damage reduction, or 3% all damage reduction (since 90% of enemies deal 75% of their damage as physical) is way better because two handed weapons are extremely slow in most of the builds, so effectively 4% physical resist grants more damage because you withstand more damage and when attacked by multiple projectiles (physical) or multiple sources of damage, the 4% might reduce incoming damage even by 2000+.

Two handed weapons do not need % damage. They need flat damage and attack speed. If you look at one handed/dual wielding builds you’ll notice they do about 40% of a two handers damage per strike, but they’re so fast that they exceed the reduced damage to 80 - 120% of a two hander. Even at 200% attack speed, two handers are slower because of their animations and the damage percentage you now lost doesn’t make any change at all. Believe it or not, but if we lost all % damage from Kraken, and got attack speed instead, people would cry two handers got a huge nerf, while it’d be a huge buff and make two handers twice as powerful, same goes for physical resist in there. % damage on two hander is not an issue at all, armor and physical resist IS a huge issue and you should look at what a change GIVES you rather than takes from you.

So, long story short, the 4% physical resist for -50% all damage is a huge buffs and allows two handers to withstand more damage, which life steal would not cover. One handers do not need the resist because they attack fast and effectively twice, applying life steal super fast and compensating defense loss, while two handers are slow enough that lifesteal sometimes, or often, can have no effect at all even if you have 20+%.

I’m afraid I must disagree with you. How come 2h builds don’t need +%dmg? :roll_eyes: %dmg is needed equally by all builds in the game. It’s a dmg multiplier after all.

How doesn’t the loss of +50% make any change? It makes the exact change of what it says: -50% to global %dmg multiplier. It’s the difference of wearing boots supporting your dmg type and not wearing such boots. It has nothing to do with attack speed or animations.

Also, it has nothing to do with phys res. If phys res is too low - add it. If dmg is too high - remove it. But dmg isn’t too high on 2h and never was. Look at the list of fastest cleaners. There’s only one 2h build there (not counting Witching Hour ofc) among 20 other non-2h builds. So, on the contrary, 2h struggles with dmg in GD as if to contradict the archetype of heavy hitting big weapons. Removing %dmg from a 2h devotion just for the sake of “give and take” is doesn’t really make sense to me.

Anyways, topic closed for me. Thx for contributing to the discussion. DW rules anyway so who cares! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why not both? :stuck_out_tongue:

4% Physical resistance is better,but doubt that 2h builds will become overpowered if you have it on top of 50% all damage.Anyway it’s not that big of a deal.

To be honest… Same. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi good sir, I wonder if the new legendary would have some favors added to it once it is a complete set? Like Rage of Agrivix’s Agrivix’s Pact or Blood Knight Pendent’s Call upon the bloodbathed.

The new legendary are nice since it allow different builds, but it does lack some unique favors in it. Or the game would see different legendary on the next few patches with favors?
Thank you

Hi. I had a question about GoG. I see a patch for to and to, but no patch from to Am I missing something?

We’ve inquired about this, seems they didn’t generate the installer. I think you can still patch via Galaxy though.

I don’t use Galaxy. I know that’s not your deal though, thank you for the reply. Also, thank you for an awesome game.

yes you have to re-download all the files (for base game and the 2 xpac) in order to have the game in
i’m inclined to think they want everybody to use Galaxy so don’t care much about manual downloads ( was a faw days late while it was on time on Galaxy). but i won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Any idea what were the changes to Deathstalker ?

The change is listed as “Pet stats changes” in GrimTools, but couldn’t find any mention of it here.

It was made invincible like a lot of other player scaling pets from items and devotions

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So I saw that news about autoloot fetaure coming around mid-July, and a hotfix releasing even sooner. But was the hotfix even released? Because it doesn’t seem so to me. Will it be released, or will we simply get the mid-July release with autoloot?

Btw. great job Crate, your dedication and quality of work on this game is extraordinary.

please consider doing something about that HUGE ''treacherous domain" logo :tired_face:

  • Primal Strike: increased % Weapon damage scaling with rank to 260% by rank 16, 320% by max ultimate rank
  • Thunderous Strike: increased % Weapon damage penalty to -85%

does it result as nerf or pimp if i use both them a with 2h weapon?

a slight pimp if I recall.

Primal strike must be used with 2H weapon anyway so…

Just checked Crucible on Gladiator after 151+ wave. Is is joke? 3 of my builds (Purifier, Sorcerer, Reaper) that cleaned before Gladiator 170 waves, now can’t even take 160 waves… especially with mutator that gives monsters extra damage 200+chaos or etc. Damage is so crazy that I’m having one shot in different moments from different bosses (like Father Kymon). So crucible now is only for super DD build-casters?

It’s supposed to promote untransmuted PS as a nuke. And because nothing’s for free under the Sun, PS spam had to pay for it.

CRATE ‘Anti-Sub-6’ Masterplan (Guideline #142): If nothing else works, destroy the Crucible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I can’t remember the actual numbers before change, but I think it evened out at max ultimate rank

iirc, Thunderous Strike (PS Spam) didn’t have to pay for it. The change is a buff for non spam PS and the damage stays the same for spam PS. The transmuter just reduces %WD by the amount that non spam PS got buffed.