Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

Yep… " * Fixed an issue where traps were not spawning in the Tomb of the Heretic"

Does rifts ever stops spawning new enemies? After some time I’m just ignoring the rifts and moving forward.

Same here. I assume the rifts stay open forever.

Yay! It’s 2% now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you please update Mythical Surcoat of Mogdrogen in the future, so it would actually be better than epic one Surcoat of Mogdrogen?

It is better, and they’re both Epic.

Yeah! Bring 'em on!

Beat 'em up good!

And an insult to injury!


The epic version gives +2 to Emboldening Presence while Mythical is only +1, and that’s actually straight up downgrade for summoner builds since armor difference doesn’t matter that much.

My guess is that is very probably a bug, either on the non-mythical side or the mythical side.

Thank you so fast to correct issue :slight_smile: amazing

Thank you again Crate! You guys rock!

1150: Fleshwarped Tome: reduced Aether damage modifier for Albrecth’s Aether Ray to 66
1152: Fleshwarped Tome: reduced Aether damage modifier for Albrecth’s Aether Ray to 40

  • why balance singleplayer game? (yeah theres mp but theres no competition/ladder/rank in this game)
  • why not buff the myth legendary version (in this case myth codex of lies) instead of nerfing things down?

This is oh so very valid. It is Codex of Lies that dominates on AAR builds, while Flashwarped setups are niche due to no distrupt res. Yet it is FT that’s getting nerfed to ridiculousness.

Purple racial purity bullshit is what. Last patch it was pogrom of blue, now greens are being singled out and brought down to mob justice.

Somebody got any stones to throw?

Being primarily SP has nothing to do with it. Always find it interesting, the people who think it does.

double whammy!

my only lvl100 char is aether ray sorc still using clairvoyant set (non mythical), have myth cv wand (which also got nerfed now)

in tens of SR normal 65-66 + 70-71 the only drop that made dps jump is myth essence of gd (but with transmute can have full set belgothian & bysmiel)

many hours before that my dps jump owe it to the fleshtome while farming elite malmouth at lvl 90ish, still using it because I see more dps (max destruction) than myth codex of lies. Or am I wrong? how test real DPS?
I’m a noob.
either way, cant play without mandatory updating

How you get that funky fonts? With those fonts, I would never complain about any nerfs!

In my experience, only fantasy affixes on FT can produce better results than CoL. CoL got that resistance reduction proc, way more crit, and same flat dmg mod as FT now (FT used to be twice higher) let alone +1 to necro (which is massive as arcanist is a supermarket of stats - lots of goodies to spend skillpoints on).

All FT got better is the 23% times 235 lightning on Disisntagration = measeily 54 aether to AAR. (this is with full Clair), and ofc potential for fantasy affix power.

So, without GD Stash, CoL is vastly superior to FT, even offensively. Something that happened to Anasteria helmet vs. Maw of Despair. So, riot.

Noob is a state of mind. :wink:

Get Grim Internals. It has DPS counter. And get crazy on the dummies.

font here from mods section by stargater
[English font] GD clear fonts + london gothic fonts OR normal clean fonts

I thought the +aether mod to AAR (600 difference) at ~200% cast speed equals +3.6k dmg/second
plus 50ish from conversion then multiplied with 1800% aether bonus = +5.4k/s

Is the shared stash button bug fixed?, I ask because in previus mod it disappeared…

Yet no nerfs to after nerf 4.31 full purple valdun :joy:.

Heh, I noticed that happening, glad it got fixed, looked weird.

So, these are new… they spawn in Morgoneth’s Folly and Court of the Magi and periodically discharge the same void bolts his crystal in the boss room does, as well spawn endless waves of Celestial Mongrel. I stood around for a while but they don’t seem to ever disappear, in fact, another rift opened next to this one…