Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

Does Crate of Entertaiment was nerfed in any of last patches? it seems way easier

When builds get stronger, bosses feel easier.

Just noticed the +2 AAR being added back to Mythical Wraithstalker Band in Thanks Z! :+1:

Last major patch made lot of builds flex muscles. :muscle:

I don’t think bosses, SR or Crucible can be classified as “easy challenges” though.

While I do appreciate the buff to the droprate of the magi rings … I do feel that they are a bit too rare still.
Now hear me out. I may have a subpar setup and am relatively slow with clearing the dungeon, but I roughly need 30 minutes (including loading up the game and walking to the Tomb). Considering this, the average number of runs I need to find a Ring lays at around 1000/25 * 7/2 = 70/5. In other words, I need around 140 runs in average to get a specific ring. If each run totals 30 minutes, I would need roughly 70 hours to get one Ring.
And that is without considering the amount of time I need to gather the materials for the Key.
Not to mention that, if you wear one of these rings, it oftens means that you want to wear them twice.

Generally I have the feeling that some items are exceptionally rare. While I can understand the thought process behind it, making them too rare is demetrial as well, since they either need to be BiS (so good that your entire farming revolves around finding them) or you greatly limit the use-space of these items.

Well, just wanted to have said it once. If you personally feel like the rarity is justified, I won’t be able to convince you otherwise :smiley:

30 min is exceptionally subpar IMO. You should be able to get to the magis and kill them 10min with a budget setup at the least. Fastest magi clear is something around 2:30 from the portal. If you post a grimtools of your build I’m sure the forum hive mind could nudge you in a helpful direction.

Indeed, there is potential. If I only want to farm the rings, I can do vastly better, but it would feel like I wasted a lot of potential ‘loot’.
I assume that, if I really were to only look for the Magi, and a specific one at that, I too would only need around ~10 minutes (basically ignoring everything except the gatekeeper) to get to the magi. Then again I am merely a ‘casual’ gamer that wants one of these fancy rings :slight_smile:

I suppose 30 minutes is far too rounded up and I should have gone with 20 minutes for a full clear. I forgot that I regulary farm another area together with the tomb :sweat_smile:

Honestly, that seems more or less fine to me.

No download link anywhere.

Download link for what?

GOG and Steam update the game automatically so no download link is necessary unless you’re one of those pals with hooks and eyepatches.


how about enable game engine ability to use atleast 2 or 4 core CPU?


…it already does and has since 2006!


no its use only 1 core…

No. It doesn’t.

7th December 2018 stream:

Dragon_RW : Hi, will this engine still use a single core to do all processing?

Zantai: That is a misconception. I am well aware that the engine is heavily based on one core, it does not however run on a single core, it never has. We’ve actually made improvements to that over the years and it utilises additional cores more than it does many years ago. Could that be improved? With infinite resources anything can be improved, but there are diminishing returns.

ok genius, 4 core cpu , 1st core loaded by 100%,other 2-3-4 cores loaded by 5% and 20-40 fps in heavy fight, u can fight in words but ur game use only one core. so can i get answer devs wants to fix that or game already die?

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You’ve clearly gathered your own “evidence” to a question that’s been asked and debunked dozens of times over the years, so why would we bother going into it yet again.

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I use this utility available here to alleviate the CPU issue:

If CPU is your bottleneck it should help. I also highly recommend trying the in-game Deferred Rendering option as well, which improved performance dramatically for me.

Can confirm, deferred rendering improved performance for me a lot aswell.