Grim Dawn Version

It is really ridiculous that instead of playing OP builds people would rather see these OP builds nerfed, arguing it as “we want to play something different and we want it balanced”. That’s like complaining that a cool guy gets a girlfriend and is smug about it, let’s forbid him lifting anything heavier than a book to balance things out!

Glad you @MBlade and @iOnlyPlayPetBuilds agree with me.

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We had to wait for the The PATCH :wink:

I am actually glad to play an ARPG where devs care about balance.
If I wanna play and ARPG where only a few build types get love, I play diablo 3 :wink:

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I would have said Crate have made it pretty clear they don’t want to see OP builds hence the constant battle of balancing against power creep.

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I played pet builds, retal builds, now I play vitality casters (all HC) and comparing to other build types imho all of them deserved slight NERF. Was nerf in was too hard? Maybe. I still don’t get all this crying around the forum. Yesterday my char was alive, today is dead. So what? No need to bitching on the forum so loud about it Imho.
Just my 3 cents. Give this patch a month for testing/adapting and then we could talk about these nerfs.

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A negative feedback is part of the big picture whether you like it or not. Why should we shut up and keep it to ourselves let alone adapt to the changes we don’t like? People invested time and money to this wonderful game so why not let them get pissed off when a major patch messes up their builds?

One can say reading my grunting: Don’t play it if you don’t like it! - that’s not a bad idea - too bad I put my money in it.

That that Astral Fields Theme reminds me a bit of Diablo II. A similar piece was played there when you enter that illusionized refuge of that magus in Act2.

I noticed Fabius’ Blade Spirits can’t be targeted anymore, actually they don’t take damage anymore. Before you could just nuke them and avoid their heavy damage, is it intended to make Fabius more threatening ?


Yeah I noticed that too so you can’t leech from them anymore (:


I noticed, I can no longer move around the Quest text with right-click. Heck, the whole button next to the quests disappeared too. I dunno if this is specific to the Shattered Realms “quest” only.

Also, check this… Bosses/nemesis do not show up on the map, while they show up on the minimap? That’s new.

I do welcome the changes to the4 SR boss rooms. Was able to kill all the 4 bosses one by one here, instead of all of them attacking me all at once.

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Since Chillmane from Heart of The Mountain / Mythical Heart of the Mountain, Hound from Savage Relic and Eldritch Hound from Bysmiel’s Command got increased damage, did the Cthonian Harbinger from Salazar Blade receive the increase in damage, too?

Why didn’t we get some stats on just how much their health/damage increase by?

I think i saw the reply in Maya’s thread “A Carnival: guide to pets”, it’s abt +80% damage increase

If you are referring to this: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

It only contains info on the mastery pets :woman_shrugging:
(and is missing reap spirits :ghost:)

Right you are! I would expect same +80% for all the pets (in order to be consistent), though it would be nice to have clear confirmation on that if possible.

If damage increase on the pet from Salazar’s Sovereign Blade was overlooked, it would be very nice to have reply/clarification on this matter and if the damage is not increased on it, could it be rectified in

Because I always forget that ghost IS a pet :smiley:
Added Reap Spirit there

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Ghosts, dead and forgotten :sob:


That Reap Spirit buff though is admittedly sweet :blush:

Wish Wraith Touch got dmg bonus as well :yum:

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Literally nobody is saying these things. People rightfully complain about nerfs but nobody is saying the game is now ruined and they are gonna not play it anymore.
Even if someone did, you clearly can tell they are drama trolls and ignore them for the people with actual non-generic comments listing what was nerfed and why it is a problem.

Yeah, would make more sense if it was player level based like Nemesis and friends. I had to revamp my Diviner set character once I realized this, LOL.