Grim Dawn Version

Not sure what you mean by this series but RektbyProtoss already has a lot of beginner / leveling videos on YT Link so personally I’d like to see some less popular / meme builds covered that might have a bit more trouble than the best builds and rather on the forum than YT. Anyway, here are some ideas for you:

  • Fire or Chaos Flames of Ignaffar could use some guide / playthrough, we got Aether guide but none for the most basic types

  • Bleed Caster that’s as Bleed focused as possible, without relying on Pierce / Physical / Vitality that much

  • Infiltrator with this newly buffed Spectral Longsword that’s using RoH, this one not meme at all but could use some guide

  • Callidor’s Tempest leveling and playthroughs always in demand

  • SSF Physical Vindicator leveling for equipping Korvan Wyrm later

  • a build relying on ~100% Fire → Cold conversion while leveling

  • CDR / spam Pierce / Bleed Ring of Steel using 2 x Servitor’s Slicer and Bloodbriar’s Thorn

  • Acid Melee Necro with updated Wendigo Barb

  • Balegor’s Crusher Witch Hunter


Pretty much :slight_smile:

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At this point of the game’s development, it’s kinda pointless to ask for removing 50% of damage in the game.
It has some pros to it though, I can level all my builds with damage types and skills that they use in their endgame state. Cold Horn of Gandarr with Ice Spike is my favourite leveling build!
At this point you just need to find one MI with modifiers to your skill and main campaign leveling will be very easy!


Cold Saboteur covers this right? Nery posted one with Namadea’s head and Galeslice’s medal sometime ago:

I’ve toyed around with this on a budget level and I imagine it’ll be solid for crowd clear but my personal thoughts are single target damage just doesn’t look impressive or would take some real effort to bring into the “good” range, and I’d argue getting good single target on budget setups is more important than getting good AoE. If anyone manages it, I’d love to see it done though.

Think we’re far past that point now :smile:

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Can you post the Aether FoI if its not an issue?

[] [Tactician] Serving the Light

Forgive my ignorance, but this isnt aether FoI?
But i was thinking of a endgame build and not a begginer build.
Apologies for the confusion.

Check the “What’s Next” tab. Since the new update is out, I’m going to go update that as well as I’ve been waiting to do so.

Did it with Korba. 0,5s Cooldown. AoE is amazing ofc. I´m also quite satisfied with SingleTarget. Tested up to SR70 so far:

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I forgot about this although a bit I also need a caster.

I thought about a standard Pierce build like that, here’s a very quick sketch: Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Pretty sure most like the power creep.

This is Aether Foi but beginner version but I think endgame is also there in the thread somewhere.

PSA for RoS Korba: prepare to become deaf because of all the RoS usage. :scorv:

You’ll need 2 blessed wheatstones and even 2x sinister if you want to have all physical converted to pierce. Bugged me quite a lot.

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Not so bad.
With many heroes even freeze-lock is possible this way.
Some other heroes, immune to freeze, can have a stun-lock instead. Quite fun.

I meant budget steups. I’ve tooled and ran number calcs on Korba and I’m aware Ring of Steel on it can satisfy enough single target with massive globs of Cold flat and the extra 125% (155% with the Unchained Gloves) weapon damage to Ring of Steel.

Like I say, damage just don’t look good on the surface :frowning:. If we assume the main hand hits for avg. 15000 Pierce damage and Ring of Steel is hardcapped with around 2000% Piercing damage and 700% from Cunning, that’s in the ball park of about 60-70k damage per use. Converting it to per second because the cd is lowered to 0.8s, it comes to 80-90k for estimated damage (I’d expect sheet DPS to be a bit higher with background damage and the Bleed on Circle of Slaughter factoring in).

But all of that is just assumptions on my part, for all I know it’s not bad as a number of builders know that sometimes, something weak on paper turns out better than expected in practice.

God this thread has gone off topic. :crazy_face:

I came looking for meme ideas to make more shitty gameplay videos from, but none of these are memes.

Guess I gotta keep spinning.

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Well, there are also those conduit prefixes that I have not seen anyone use yet, such as this one that turns Trozan’s Sky Shard into acid. Acid rain build, anyone?

Also, any number of builds involving the newly buffed Putrid Necklace. Poison Panetti, poison Callidor, etc.

Although, I made a vitality Panetti build based on one of those Conduit prefixes and it’s pretty terrible, so I wouldn’t expect poison Panetti to be much better :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been 2 such builds on the forum I think. One hybrid with Shadow Strike and another one Templar

DeputyChuck and I theorycrafted Acid Panetti Warlock once

Acid PRM Warlock (no augments and components)

I have 2 Vit PRM theorycrafts

1 is max dps for Crucible and the other one more standard
As you can see I tried to include a lot of (converted to Vit) damage sources, not just PRM, in the first one.

Spellbinder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Spellbinder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Oh have there? Nice- I stand corrected, I was just going off the Build Compendium :smiley:

Adding Ravenous Earth feels like a great call, probably the big thing missing in my build. I had those points in Soul Harvest for the +vit damage. But RE would probably be worth a lot more as extra DPS.

I was exaggerating a bit with ‘terrible,’ my version can clear SR65-66 fine, though that’s not really the highest of measuring sticks. I may pick it up again to try with RE, thanks for sharing.


Aether Corruption + Haunt adds some damage too although I’m not sure how comfortable it would play.
Btw fan fact - to convert Proliferation fragments that are reflected off main target you need global conversions.
But Proliferation damage to main target gets converted by skill modifiers / conduit.