Grim Dawn Version v1.0.0.9

Another hotfix turned patch, today’s update was focused primarily on bug-fixing, with a pass on class and item balance.


The build is now live on Steam and is expected to go up on GOG within the next day.



  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tributes Earned to be higher than intended for Clients in a Multiplayer Session when starting the event at Wave 50 or 100. Previously, only the host was receiving the correct values. This mechanic was already in effect for Singleplayer, so the fix impacts Multiplayer only.
  • Slightly reduced Tributes Earned after Restarting the Crucible at a Checkpoint (after cashing out or failing the event).
  • Fixed a crash in the Crucible when building defenses in multiplayer.


  • Updated Attacks Per Second calculations.
  • Fixed an issue when interacting with NPCs that switch states in Multiplayer.
  • Updated scrollbars.
  • Fixed Primal Strike’s effect not showing up for others in multiplayer.
  • Fixed chain lightning type skills sometimes failing to cast.
  • Augments on items now show the Augment name as well as the associated Faction.
  • Fixed World Map labels losing text shadow on large UI scale settings.
  • Fixed skill projectile modifiers incorrectly adding explosion radius to the base skill tooltip. (Functionality not changed)


  • Fixed an issue with Alkamos’ Touch of Anguish Legendary ring not dropping at levels 80+
  • Increased % Pierce damage gained from Cunning to 0.41%, matching the % Physical bonus
  • Reduced base Monster Pierce Resistance scaling with game difficulty (base game and Crucible) to match other non-Physical damage types
  • Most Projectile Ring and Projectile Burst skills used by monsters now deal reduced damage at point-blank range, most now also deal additional damage at long range
  • Increased Crowd Control Resistance on most Boss and Nemesis monsters


  • Component - Shard of Beronath: can now be applied to all weapons, shields and off-hands.
  • Legendary - Beacon of the Winter’s Veil: replaced chance to freeze on skill proc with chance to slow
  • Legendary - Belgothian’s Sigil: increased duration of Burst of Speed proc to 5s
  • Legendary - Blade Breaker Sash: added flat Pierce damage bonus
  • Legendary - Blood Sigil of Ch’thon: increased Chaos and Fire bonuses on the skill proc
  • Legendary - Brutallax: increased % Pierce Ratio to 35%, base damage slightly reduced to match the new ratio
  • Legendary - Direwolf Crest: increased damage on granted WPS skill, increased % Pierce damage, added 12% Aether Resist
  • Legendary - Infernal Knight’s Faceguard: replaced % Crit damage with % Chaos damage
  • Legendary - Light’s Defender Set: increased damage dealt by the Storm Shard granted summon
  • Legendary - Mark of Anathema: reduced cooldown on skill proc to 2s, added 15% Poison Resist
  • Legendary - Mark of Dark Dreams: increased Defensive Ability to 45, increased damage dealt by skill proc
  • Legendary - Mark of the Apostate: added 2% Max Elemental Resist and 12% Elemental Resist
  • Legendary - Markovian’s Fortress Set: increased chance to activate on the skill proc to 25%
  • Legendary - Markovian’s Bulwark: added bonus flat Physical damage
  • Legendary - Markovian’s Visor: increased damage dealt by the skill proc
  • Legendary - Markovian’s Stratagem: added 15% Poison Resist
  • Legendary - Pyroclasm Mark: added 4% Attack Speed, increased damage on granted WPS skill
  • Legendary - Reforged Chains of Oleron: added 18% Vitality Resist, increased % Pierce damage
  • Legendary - Spellbreaker Waistguard: added 12% Aether Resist
  • Legendary - The Deathmark Set: added Pierce damage to granted skill
  • Legendary - Deathmarked Claw: replaced % Cold Resist with 20% Bleed Resist
  • Legendary - Deathmarked Decapitator: increased Pierce damage on skill proc, removed armor reduction debuff
  • Legendary - Deathmarked Hood: increased Defensive Ability to 28 and % Elemental Resist to 24%, added 160 Health
  • Legendary - Deathmarked Shoulderguard: added 160 Health
  • Legendary - Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade: replaced % Poison/Acid damage with % Bleed damage, added +2 to Grasping Vines and +3 to Entangling Vines, increased chance of activating Wild Vines to 50% and revised their damage
  • Legendary - Thread of Mortality: increased damage dealt by the skill proc
  • Legendary - Undying Oath: added 15% Aether Resist
  • Legendary - Valdun’s Rifle: fixed missing % Chaos Resist bonus
  • Rare Prefix - Ancient: replaced % Current Life Retaliation with % Chaos Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Blighted: replaced Poison Retaliation with % Vitality Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Bloodletter: replaced Bleed Retaliation with % Health
  • Rare Prefix - Consecrated: increased % Health bonus to 4%
  • Rare Prefix - Demonic: replaced Leech Retaliation with % Vitality Resist, increased % Vitality Resist and added % Leech Resist at higher levels
  • Rare Prefix - General: replaced % Experience bonus with % Pierce Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Lich: replaced % Energy Absorb with % Poison Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Menacing: replaced % Reflect with % Chaos Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Merciless: replaced Cunning with % Elemental Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Rampage: added % Poison Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Renegade: added % Aether Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Resonant: replaced % Energy Absorb with % Aether Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Rimefrost: replaced % Cold Resist with % Aether Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Seraphim: replaced % Fire Resist with % Elemental Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Tempest: replaced Lightning Retaliation with % Bleed Resist
  • Rare Prefix - Thunderstruck: replaced Electrocute Retaliation with % Elemental Resist

[Class & Skills]

  • Assassin: increased Defensive Ability by 13, increased % Bleed and Poison Resist to 10% and added 60 Health
  • Assassin’s Blade: added 8 Defensive Ability
  • Berserker: added 160 health
  • Blades of Nadaan: added 16 DA
  • Chariot of the Dead: added 100 Health, increased % Vitality Resist to 16%
  • Crab: added 15 Elemental damage and 40% Physical damage, reduced % Trauma damage to 40%, increased % Elemental damage by 10%
  • Unknown Soldier: increased Health to 280
  • Elemental Barrier: renamed to Arcane Barrier. Now also absorbs Aether and Chaos damage.
  • Blade Burst: increased Pierce damage scaling with rank
  • Living Shadow: shadows now have 15% Damage Converted to Health, which transfers the healing to the player
  • Raise the Dead: increased Skeleton duration to 40s by max rank, increased their base and charge speeds


  • Blitz: increased base Physical damage
  • Blindside: increased base Internal Trauma damage
  • Deadly Momentum: increased base Physical and Internal Trauma damage
  • Field Command: increased base % Armor by 3%
  • Squad Tactics: increased base % Attack Speed to 3%
  • Markovian’s Advantage: increased % Weapon Damage to 110%
  • Markovian’s Defense: reduced % Damage Modifier penalty to -18%
  • Menhir’s Bulwark: increased base Physical damage
  • Oleron’s Rage: increased % Pierce damage scaling with rank to match the % Internal Trauma scaling, increased base Internal Trauma damage
  • Veterancy: increase base Health Regeneration and its scaling at ultimate ranks
  • Zolhan’s Technique: increased base Internal Trauma damage


  • Flame Touched: increased base Fire damage
  • Temper: increased base Physical damage
  • Flashbang: increased Energy Cost scaling with rank
  • Searing Light: increased Energy Cost scaling with rank
  • Mortar Trap: increased damage scaling with rank
  • Searing Strike: reduced % Damage Modifier to 8%, this is primarily to counterbalance the buffs to Nightblade WPS skills


  • Blood of Dreeg: increased base Acid damage
  • Aspect of the Guardian: added % Vitality Decay bonus
  • Possession: added % Vitality Decay bonus, increased base Chaos damage
  • Solael’s Witchfire: increased base Chaos damage
  • Second Rite: increased base Vitality and Vitality Decay damage
  • Summon Familiar: improved the Raven’s ability to hit moving targets, slightly increased attack rate
  • Storm Spirit: increased target radius to 8 and duration to 30s


  • Dual Blades: slightly increased scaling with ranks 1-4
  • Belgothian’s Shears: increased % Weapon damage to 128%. Increased flat Physical damage scaling with rank, significantly increased % Pierce damage scaling with rank to 115% by rank 8, 250% by max ultimate rank
  • Whirling Death: increased number of targets to 8, increased % Weapon damage scaling with rank to 72% by rank 8, 95% by max ultimate rank. Significantly increased bleed damage scaling with rank, increased base Pierce damage.
  • Amarasta’s Quick Cut: slightly increased Pierce damage scaling with rank
  • Nidalla’s Hidden Hand: reduced Acid and Poison damage scaling with rank, this is primarily to counterbalance the buffs to the WPS skills as this modifier contributes to their damage
  • Blade Spirit: increased base damage
  • Breath of Belgothian: increased % Health Regeneration to 40%
  • Elemental Awakening: increased base Frostburn damage, increased % Elemental Resist scaling with rank to 30% by rank 12, 40% by max ultimate rank
  • Merciless Repertoire: increased base Poison damage
  • Night’s Chill: increased base damage
  • Phantasmal Armor: increased Armor scaling with rank
  • Ring of Steel: reduced cooldown to 3s, increased base Pierce damage by 55, reduced Energy Cost scaling at ranks 1-7
  • Circle of Slaughter: added % Pierce damage bonus
  • Ring of Frost: reduced Freeze duration to 2.8s
  • Shadow Strike: reduced energy cost scaling at ranks 1-5


  • Fabric of Reality: increased base Aether and Chaos damage
  • Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange: increased base Elemental damage
  • Overload: increased base Elemental Dot damage
  • Reckless Power: increased base Aether damage
  • Star Pact: increased base Frostburn damage


  • Brute Force: increased base Lightning damage
  • Oak Skin: increased base Armor
  • Storm Totem: increased Lightning damage scaling with rank
  • Stormcaller’s Pact: increased base Electrocute damage

Thanks Crate ! :slight_smile: Can’t believe I’m still playing ARPG ahah this game’s the best

Not sure the change to Ring of Steel/ Ring of Frost is a good idea, not without gutting Night’s Embrace at least :eek:

edit: nvm, can’t read properly. RIP Night’s Embrace.

Balance pass on resists is nice as always, good to see all that retaliation stuff be replaced by desirable stats on the rare affixes.

edit+: new skin for legendary Alkamos Scythe

Now live on Steam? Alkamos’ drops fix? Crab and Chariot buffs? YESSSS…this good :smiley:

Thank you, based Crate.

good news :slight_smile: thanks Crate!

Look under your seats Grim Dawn builds. Free buffs for everyone. You get a buff! You get a buff! You get a buff!

Yup thanks a bunch you guys. Looking forward to checking all of this out :stuck_out_tongue:

It becomes a tradition

Sweet. :cool:

Too many buffs, game to easy now. :rolleyes:

Buff Hype! lol

Increased Crowd Control Resistance on most Boss and Nemesis monsters.

no more prema freeze?

This is all I needed. Thank you Crate.

Buffs everywere.

Thank you very much ! Scroll bars and augment’s faction description -> Many thanks for that.

Increased Crowd Control Resistance on most Boss and Nemesis monsters

Haha, i knew this would happen, specially when some people posted videos of them freeze locking Mad Queen and Fabius with Night’s Embrace skill. It’s probably better than just nerf the skill itself.

I like all the buffs to the prefixes. Finally, other legendaries getting resists, it always aggravates when i see a late legendary item with no resists.

No DX11? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome note, guys. Thanks for the patch :slight_smile:


The bird is trying to become something more than element of loading screen? I like that direction! Could you also have a look into his healing skill, as for now it’s quite finicky, he seems to randomly decide when to cast it and when to forget its existence.

Also boss&nemesis CC buffs? Woot? They were already nearly immune to the stuff, no? :smiley:

This stuff looks great, thanks guys!

Really glad to see the resist pass and updates to certain legendaries.

Only thing I’m not a fan of:

Searing Strike: reduced % Damage Modifier to 8%, this is primarily to counterbalance the buffs to Nightblade WPS skills

Feels like my S+B Elementalist is getting hit for the sins of another class…
Oh well, buff to Flame Touched counteracts, DPS isn’t really changed so I can’t whine too much.

Good stuff overall, maybe I’ll finally make a Pierce BM :stuck_out_tongue:

Summon Familiar: improved the Raven’s ability to hit moving targets, slightly increased attack rate

Good to know that dumb bird is getting fixed, nice.

I’m feeling a bit iffy on Energy Absorb being removed from Rare prefixes and replaced with resists.

Some of my builds that have low Spirit and/or Energy regen rely on that Energy Absorb! I’d rather the values were buffed a bit.

Retaliation was also removed and replaced with resists for some affixes. Again, the retaliation is useful for pure retaliation builds! Just buff the proc chance, which was a very unreliable 25%.

Indeed, I’ll have to try out my Pyromancer Raven build to see if it’s improved!

Thanks Crate!