Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

Resistances, vit decay% for the DOT but no direct damage support since the skill is either Aether or Cold, some OA, and a %proc when hit skill. I think I’d rather have quite a few other items, or even some well rolled greens, and do better avoiding damage rather than wearing that item for the defenses.

Green Albrecht’s Aether Ray with poison and green MTX - here we come! Hopefully. I hope our Lord and Saviour, Zantai-sama, hasn’t forgotten about this. I rly hope. Can’t advertise this enough, it is a lifelong dream everybody. :joy_cat:

Zantai said by 1pm EST in a Steam forum thread yesterday.

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cuz there are other items doing just that.
lots of them got buffed for 1.2 as well FYI (mainly flat bonuses to DE itself & to items supporting it!)
and overall these shoulders are stacked af actually imo.

Arrrgh so ze Germans gotta wait till the end of the working day. Thats unfortunate :smiley:

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wrong section for this.
better make a new threat and post in the build section :slight_smile:

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How fortunate for your employer, though! :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


I will run GrimTex while 1.2 drops and report how its working or not.

Mod author has already stated that it is fully compatible with 1.2. I’ve been using it with the playtest for well over a month now with no issues.

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You’re certainly welcome to use them, I’m just not interested in running them, and haven’t seen many other options in the shoulder slot that really fit well into a Drain Essence and Siphon Souls-centric build. Irrespective of that, it could certainly be a different equipment slot, it doesn’t have to be there specifically.

Slightly off-topic, if Drain Essence is base Aether damage, why are the spell effects red? They change to blue if you use the cold damage modifier, so that’s on theme, and most other vitality damage abilities are red-coded for skill effects, whereas Aether is a bright blue/green.

anybody knows when patch realese in today?

From further up

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ohh I didnt read all message thanks for info :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if the update will be released today for the Xbox? And When?

iirc Z said on the Steam forum it was still in Xbox cert so might be a day or two’s delay

edit. found the post

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someone also noticed that its still not 1pm EST :smiley: Argh i hate that waiting time

Hey, i am hoping for a 4k resolution on xboxsx !

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LazyPeon made a great review just before 1.2 and new expansion:

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Across the ocean, here in China, just past 0 o’clock, still waiting for the update :laughing:

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