Grim Misadventure #106: The Fall of Port Valbury

Yay! Christmas is coming early! :smiley: Great artwork again folks.

Great artwork as usual. Thank you !

And, please, Wallpapers mutant Jarren!!! The first monster that the first photo!!! Thanks in advance.

Act 1, East half of map.

I like this a lot. I can’t wait for this update really.

That Harbormaster looks a bit like Doom 3 Hell knight.

reposting from general discussion…

The real misadventure… :cool:

Even if they come from then, for the second part games\Grim Dawn 2!!!
Pliz, pliz, pliz!!! Let’s have a poll people who are in the second part of the Grim Dawn\of the game, the story, and who no!!! Do Vote ON the FORUM, this is not difficult, and not sorry!!! Let them see!!! The developers, as the fans enjoyed their first game!!!

Still not too late!!! While they are generally in a year, the other, not abandoned the game and released some sort of kcal!!!

They in this genre at the moment, the KINGS!!! The fantasy they are generally pretty cool, they do not take her!!! Duck let’s support and vote, for the second part of the game, a sequel to Dark Dawn, let see what the fans of the game will not feel sorry for money and do not care for the game to continue!!!

I hope you will hear me, people, will, someone vote!!!

The only people I want in the (potential) second game are those that Crate decides to include, as it’s their story and they seem to be doing pretty well with it.

That should do everything, that they began, for the development, the second part of the game, Dark Dawn 2!!!

rto sum up… crate needs a lot more of our money… if not all of it to stay competitive…

i have already lured over 30 people to buy and play this game… but still there is a lot of room to improve in sales… and there is still a ton lot of people out there who have not pulled the trigger and some still dont know the game…

how could we help… let us know crate…

i could sell a kidney or two… but for sure it will not be enuf to appease lord zantai… . :o

Really, really, really can’t wait for it! :smiley:
I love how much thought’s and idea’s have been putted inside this Aetherial rouge-like. Now SoT and BoC just look pale in comparsion to the lore of Port Valbury. Maybe now you guy’s should add a bit more flavour to them? BoC may not have much room for some intricate plot, but the deepest pit’s of SoT surely have room for something more :wink:

You know it’d make more sense lore-wise if this guy is weaker than Shar’Zul. So this can be achieved by either buffing Shar’Zul or making him weaker

Thanks, it’s good to re-read that post from time to time. Honestly I’m hoping that Grim Dawn will have a bit of longevity as far as expansion content goes (see: world building of Cairn) on the side as Crate releases new IPs. There’s a lot of empty space on the world map, and I still want to know what lies beyond that third Devil’s Crossing bridge…

This game released with far more content than I had thought. Wasn’t the original scope something like a 20-25 hour campaign? Lol

After a solid expansion the game will be huge.

You and me both. We’re getting a lot of free content right now but I’d be willing to pay for many expansions. I think Cairn has a lot of potential.

Oh, I owe crate money at this point for sure. I’ve never gotten so much time out of a game especially something that I paid like $20 for.

Yeah it did grow … just a bit. :smiley: I hope it keeps on growing.

Ironically enough, my roommate and I ‘beat’ the main storyline this week and we were both wondering if an expansion would happen (it seems likely from Creed’s end message) and lo and behold…

Even if this isn’t an expansion per se, I’m excited. I haven’t felt this way about a game or been so very addicted since we all started playing WoW (something we can never NEVER go back to). Unlike WoW, however, I actually feel a part of the story as it happens.

I had never played the original Warcraft and when SWTOR came out, it didn’t really feel like the conclusion to KOTOR. This feels like I’m a part of a new storyline, right from the beginning, and I’m going along to see where it actually, truly ends (if ever:D)

Now I’m half tempted to just take a ‘vacation’ before Christmas when this comes out!

This looks so cool :smiley:

Great update, and thank you medierra for your post.I think you are right doing only one franchise aRPG can be risky for a small studio, even if it’s successfull.
Also if one day you make GD 2, I really hope you will still give players modding abilities, even if using a licensed engine.
It allows to build a long term community with new ideas and content even years after the game is finished (see Titan Quest or Diablo 2 with medianxl).