Grim Misadventure #123: Infrequently Monstrous

I think it’s also about getting a good variety of players from very experienced who know the game inside out and understand its mechanics to those who are more casual players. I know I couldn’t explain the game’s mechanics to anyone except in very general terms. For detailed stuff, forget it. All those fractions and percentages - maths was never my best subject. :eek:

Those are some sweet MIs :x I so want to see the others now… Patience, patience, the waiting will be over soon mutters

I think ten years from now everyone will add in Grim Dawn + its expac with the best of the best of ARPGs right alongside D2LoD. Keep up the good work, and I am quite interested to see the options we get with these extra skill modifiers on items, and hope you gave attention to the off meta skills, as that is a lot of what I play.

No one realizes Ceno is a new Praetorian because he’s basically epitomized one forever.

Also remember that Medierra’s already said they’re not going to be doing any more expansions for GD at the moment. They do have a GD related game and also a new project which we think is a strategy/city builder. He explains more here:

nice!!! looking forward to hunting for these!


What is min-maxing (or max-minning)?


arnge, Norzan and the8anarchist. :slight_smile:

I am now a Praetorian Cohort unit from Rome Total War.

random dumb joke is random. and dumb

Wait a minute, i know this guy. :smiley:

I wanted to hide :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t trust him…

he doesn’t seem trustworthy :stuck_out_tongue:


I trust nobody, you are all shady to my sociopath’s eyes.

A bit difficult with Praetorian shown under your username. :wink:


are you allowed to see your family? are you allowed to sleep and/or drink/eat? is it easier to work under supervision of gazerman, zantai or evilmedierra? do you have to fight through dungeons? and in the game? are you really testing the expansion or are you secretly being prepared to settle mars? :eek::rolleyes:

They are freemasons they are bound to secrecy, only in you can get into illum…erm praetorians you can be initiated to the doctrine of testing.

or having absolutely no life :p:rolleyes:

I’m just pissed my old pc is going to hell and i can’t play gd or anything until they deliver my new one.

i haven’t seen my gf in a while, got a massive migraine, sleep deprived, lack of food and water, grumpy and i can’t find my damn gazerman outfit and there isn’t enough bug spray in the world for the first few weeks. running up the stairs for hours and getting stuck, bumping my face in walls, getting drenched in old bogwater, having some fool making wendigo noises in my ear. and that’s all before its even noon.

how do you think i’m feeling…huh?

pretty great ! :smiley: