Grim Misadventure #129: Ashen Forecast

Hmm, maybe it will come back to me eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will come with changes to the skill queue? Right now anything that’s bound to LMB takes priority over other skills, which is the opposite of how it should be. This issue is especially frustrating when using and auto attack replacer on LMB because it’s constantly being casted so you have to specifically stop using your auto attack in order to cast skills in your rotation.

Quickbar has, and had for a long time (always?), priority over LMB. The build I play most of the time for fun literally relies on holding LMB (Beronath’s Fury) and casting various cooldowns off of the quickbar and I’ve never had problems.

Are you sure you’re not mashing your keyboard cooldowns too fast?

I’m guessing you missed the long thread about having it changed since the expac came out :wink:

Love the controller UI overlay :smiley:

Since a long time ago and only thanks to Rhis messing about in his own time to see if he could get a controller working. :wink:

Since a long time ago and only thanks to Rhis messing about in his own time to see if he could get a controller working. :wink:


Here comes the hype again!

There’s been multiple times when a skill would be off cooldown and I would cast it only for it to never cast. For instance on my Warder that I’ve been playing recently I have savagery bound to LMB and have Blade Arc on my quickbar. There will be times where I will cast Blade Arc when it comes off cooldown, watch the quickbar icon do the pressed animation, and then it will come back up without ever casting and require me do.mash the hell out of the button until it finally goes off. This is an issue I’ve had on multiple builds too, and not just ones that have AA replacers bound to LMB. The whole casting queue feels clunky. I would give a more concrete example, but I’m at work and won’t be back home for a while.

i really love the entrance of the new roguelike :slight_smile: the casting improvement looks neat too !

It could also be another example of the skill cast range issue we’re eradicating in V1.0.3.0, so give it a go after the patch I suppose.

I do hope with the new Crucible maps, an option to select the desired level will come as well rather than re-hosting until you get your favorite one, or the new AoM ones. Good job guys so far! Hype!

I hope the improved casting behavior is optional - it will cause serious headaches casting spells with important positioning and short ranges like Wendigo Totem (when playing as a summoner.)

I don’t think it is a cast range issue actually, because it happens to me with non-target skills such as aura toggles. It seems to be due to inputting commands too quickly - some either get overridden by later input or missed due to another action being in process or the command queue being full.

I hope there is going to be moar bridge content.

looks like the new roguelike dungeon is nothing but a HUGE bridge

This entrance door is sumptuous. I want it as a shield.

Lots of good stuff incoming, loving it, thanks! :smiley:

Good stuff as always. I love that rouge like entrance.

Great work guys :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve experienced a similar behavior but I always attributed it to cc. I find it extremely hard to keep track of all the active status effects on my char. Even with high resists to freeze and stun, I assumed that it was the interaction between CC, skill queue and continued key input which resulted in a ‘clunky feel’ at times.

I’m so happy. This is the best game I have ever played…even surpassing Titan Quest…it’s brilliantly designed.

WASD movement?

Please, please, please! xD


Most likely never. Like 95% never. See this [post=50735]post[/post].