Grim Misadventure #154: A Look Back at 2018

I think the surprise would be support for Raytracing. :rolleyes:

Really wondering what the surprise could be. Crate always seems to surprise us. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are working on a pretty major surprise for this patch, but we’re not quite ready to talk about that yet.

I am looking forward to this surprise !
And the picture with the weapon that looks like a spear is really beautiful.
The only thingslacking in GD engine is the lightning/particle effects otherwise everything else is top-notch.

Another beautiful year of GD content went by and awaiting the new one is making 2019 looking even juicier <3
Gaaah mean Crate, why no release date <3

I hope that FG will be a huge commercial success and guys from Crate team will get much more recognition from some bigger developer… Then, they will find good investors… So could GD2 be released as AAA game :stuck_out_tongue: All platforms, big money for developing etc. Because, why not?

They always do a past recap in the first GM of the new year. And it’s been long known now that there will be some more skillpoints and no cap increases. He did drop a pretty big bomb for everyone concerning Spirit and Cunning tho.

Because that’s not what Medierra wants, thank the gods.

I pretty much played nothing else but Grim Dawn this year… well, mostly that. For a long time I had problems with my PC where any excessive amount of CPU usage would make it shut down, until I had to buy a monster of a cooler to keep it in check - last time ever I buy an AMD CPU (the weight of the cooler eventually made the motherboard bend so much it shorted out when connecting with the housing…that was it despite the parts surviving I replaced both). But funnily enough, one of the few newer games that actually ran on my PC without making the CPU shut down was Grim Dawn, despite being on max graphics setting. I enjoyed it so much that even after replacing the CPU, I pretty much only played this game all year, interpersed with a few smaller games every now and then. And with Forgotten Gods coming (hopefully soon) I doubt this will change in 2019!

Added some Bite to the Bark – Patch v1.0.6.0 saw a fairly substantial change to pet mechanics that allowed us to add a portion of their attack damage to their special abilities. Previously, these skills scaled very poorly in the endgame as pet basic attacks far surpassed the damage of these skills, even in multi-target settings.

Oh am I ever thankful for that. :slight_smile: I did put some points into these skills before even so, since the area of effect stun of the Briarthorn or the Lightning of the Familiar was pretty good for crowd control, but now these skills are even more powerful even with just a few points in.

LOL, how many times did I see a corrupted shrine icon show up and suddenly got the shakes that I might bump into a Nemesis. :smiley: For some reason I always mistake that from the corner of my eye with the skull icon.
But yes, super useful tracker, especially for Fabius - often I only need to go near the places he spawns and I can ascertain whether he is there or not.

One thing is for sure, I think the Fashion Dawn is sure to get a big boost with the expansion. I quickly threw these little outfits together from a combination of new and old gear.

Huh, is that a spear? We are getting spears in the game finally? :smiley: Kinda missed them since Titan Quest. Also, I see the gargoyle helmet will have a neat burning effect!

Patch v1.1.0.0 will also introduce the x64 game client, another step on our way to a console release.

Awesome! I keep trying to convince my brother to buy the game, but when I told him the game might comes out on consoles, he decided he will keep waiting until it does, as his Mac is pretty weak for games.

Great news as usual!

I’m doing my happy dance.

I cant wait, really looking forward to this! Especially the whirlwind skill, Immortal King Barb is still my favorite build from D2.

Currently, this feature doesn’t work well with translations. For example, if I search for “ácido” (acid, in portuguese), the game doesn’t recognize the accent above the letter “a” and doesn’t find any results. If I type only “cido” it works, but also shows unrelated results.

:DA lot of great changes last year!

Oh puh-lease, the surprise has been leaked for awhile now:


i can’t wait for FG!!!

You all are awesome!! Happy new year to you all!

Lets hope for 2019 to be as amazing for GD as 2018 was. Thanks to all the devs for their work on the game!

It’s very exciting the expansion is coming soon. A surprise in store too? Good things on the horizon.

Love you all

can’t wait for the xpac!!! Gonna gift me 2 mates with it too!!!

We are working on a pretty major surprise for this patch, but we’re not quite ready to talk about that yet. Needless to say, v1.1.0.0 is going to be awesome. :wink:

Hm, what more could we be possibly surprised by…