Grim Misadventure #163 - A Rare Proposal

New roguelike dungeon is good, but everyone is waiting for the announcement Grim Dawn 2.

This is great news. I collect so many low level Epics that I never use because I always seem to find better Rares instead. I hope leveling characters will be more fun now that Epics dropping will be an exciting thing again!

gr8 news also plz make it possible for us to change backgrounds in main menu vanilla aom fg plz in video menu options?? plz

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waw. so much goodies to affixes. more procs all over the place! screen’s gonna be cluttered with explosions of color all the time!

This is not going to happen cause Crate is not Pieces Interactive :joy:

or could it be that they are currently working on this and will include the EA and beta menu screens as well. Who knows.

Wonder if it might be something like this?

“We also have some ideas for GD related games that are set in that universe and will share some mechanics but are not quite ARPGs.”

Would be kinda cool.

Town Builder, RPG, Point & Click-Adventure…and a lot of merchandise please! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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C-Creed-kun… That certainly is a b-big… Omen. Would you like me to sheath it for you?

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I have a build that is centered around that and wrecks all campaign content. Named “Poopie Pants” even though it’s one of my meme builds has been one of my most enjoyable strangely enough. I wouldn’t mind seeing this build push Shattered Realm levels with some changes.

With that said… thank you @Zantai for everything. So glad to see that this project exceeded your financial expectations. You and your team’s continued passion continues to shine. This game you’ve created has really set it’s own position in the modern ARPG genre. It fulfills certain key areas while staying away from from other common MMO focused mistakes that other developers commonly make.


Mind posting a GT link so we can enjoy throwing around our feces as well? :smile:

This reminds me… Am I the only one that ships Creed and Ulgrim? Does anybody else see the homoerotic subtext? Like when Creed tells you how Ulgrim totally “dominated” him the first time they met or how hard Creed tries to rescue him after he gets trapped in the void and then, on top of that, he gives you his cooking pan because he knows too well how much Ulgrim loves cuisine. Not to mention how excited Creed gets when you use “we” in the gate to Malmouth. Those two totally bang, I’m saying.


Loghorrean Clicker when?

Thanks for sharing your fantasy, but it’s not my cup if of tea (or frying pan) :grin:

Props to the dev. team for implementing this change.

I think it’s a good thing there will be an overhaul on underperforming items. Sinds v1.1.4.1 it’s a lot harder to test and level with sub-optimal builds. The fun for me is in theorycrafting a build, get it to work while leveling and optimize it in endgame. Now with the difficulty increase the fun and creativity can sometime suffer from the need to optimize DA or resistances just to keep up with the difficulty scaling.

I have a question about update ? So i have been playing game since realise, i even supported as Crowfunding project. But unfortunately i couldnt buy expansions due to my economical situation (lost job, have to support family and so on) Will i be able to play the update on vanila game ? Since i dont have expansions + cruicible. When i solve my problem in the future, i will again support you guys! Amazing game and job! Well done.

Most updates also carry changes to all game versions. Expansion specific content, however, is only available if you have the expansions. Any non-expansion items discussed in the OP of this thread will, naturally, be updated for the base game as well.

Thank you sir for your reply, great information. playing for years game, its amazing. Now i will have more fun tweaking builds with new items.

Now if we could just get some info on the xbox version!

Hopefully, down the road, they’ll be able to port it to the PS4 as well…

  • For profitability-sake; much larger audience etc. Personally, I don’t “console” but the money’s in 'dem Playstations I tell ya!