Grim Misadventure #167 - A Look Back at 2019

Well said, when I finished Shadowrun and Dragonfall my first question was, “what’s next?”
I wanted more of what I had just experienced.

I can imagine the same must be on the mind of the newbie who bested a motherfucking Primordial after an epic 3 stage battle with badass music playing in a background that looks straight out of an acid trip.

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+1 The GI health bars are not aesthetically pleasing unlike the official ones in my opinion. They are far more configurable though.


OH hell yes! I’ve been wishing for more bridge building since forever. I always wanted that Twin Falls bridge, and to have Act 2 more interconnected like it used to be in early access, though I know they broke it up into chunks for a reason, I loved the non-linear design.

Where was that image of wishlist bridges I made years ago?

Just make the bridges buildable from the other side, so the player still has to travel the intended path to get there the first time.


Crate, you’ve done an amazing job. Period. (I hope all your families are rightfully proud)

Random - I was just pitching GD to a co-worker with a Diablo tat I was unaware of heh

speaking of building bridges (literal & metaphorical), i wonder if there’s a secret in game faction out there whose jobs is to destroy specific bridges (literal & metaphorical) around cairn.

who knows… maybe they’re an evil group keeping good-oriented celestials/ascendants/mortals/beings inside their secret domain, beyond reach of cairn citizens unless special bridges to their domain are rebuilt.

or maybe they’re a good group keeping evils influences from yugol/chthonian/whatever by destroying those bridges…

maybe… there’ll be a bridge merchant/smith next! in dark souls 2, there’s a dude selling wooden ladder to us. yes. really. so a bridge merchant/smith isn’t a nonsense!

bridge memes incoming.

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One of the best games ever, keep it up!

ps: would like too see in the future Mogdrogen going vs Witch gods, since they took a lead after forgotten gods expansion.


So, you could say that "It’s (almost) over 9000!!??)

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After killing Bloodfeast you become the Lord of the Grobles and order your new minions to build a new bridge with the dragon bones scattered all over the Jagged Wastes.


Nice, so we will finally be able to fix that bridge and explore the rest of old Arkovia? Maybe even find the capitol? I assume it was there in the north.
I never found any invisible items at the illusionist. Is that some expansion to be purchased I somehow missed?

Coven’s Refuge faction vendor iirc.


:muscle::grin::+1:excellent!!! Theres nore to come​:scream:!!! Exited​:partying_face:

Thanks! I never noticed. Will check.

I like your thinking.


and when the taken steps into the dragonbone bridge, suddenly the dragonbone revived instantly into a living dragon, who then isekai’d the taken into a pocket dimension filled with forgotten dragons and their subjects.


the horde of dragon asses strikes again

wonder how grim misadventure - a look back at 2020 would be.

i hope it won’t be like this:

crate: let’s go down memory lane and see all that 2020 brought us! 2020 saw the release of monster totem challenges and their special exclusive items! we also repaired a lot of bridges around cairn! that’s it.

Well, all being well it might also include “We finally released the Xbox version of the game to great acclaim. A 3rd Loyalist Pack was released in X. And here’s some more tipbits about the current project I’m working on that will be of interest GD fans.”


I’m generally not one to speculate but if we take into account that Grim Dawn is probably slowing down and while full blown throw stuff at us updates will start being less, in 2019 we saw a DLC release, a loyalist pack, TW0 MASSIVE updates with some serious game changing balance stuff, I’ll bet if there is no DLC to do this year, we’ll see a big surprise in spring and one in the fall as well as a potentially another loyalist pack (I’d keep buying these as long as they put them out). Plus the aforementioned more detailed reveal (but maybe not exactly what it is) they’re working on behind close doors, I think 2020 is going to be very, very sweet indeed for Cairn.


on a serious note : seriously we need a serious final mini dlc for a serious start on serious decade.


I just had a nasty thought about that bridge. What if we get to repair it, but aren’t allowed to cross it. :crazy_face: