Grim Misadventure #173 - Onwards into the Shattering

Zantai said that there would be little something we need to pick in the new area when the bridge of Twin falls is fixed and i tough it will be some component needed to unlock new super boss but i guess thats not the case at least for now…

You are awesome, guys! Will there be another Loyalist Pack to support you further? I would be glad to do so!


Thanks Crate, just waiting or another awesome update :smiley:

Man, you guys work waaaay too hard for us, and for free at this point? sheesh. I don’t think ANYONE here would blame you if you saved a few of these updates and released another DLC, get paid team!


This, I would really love to give moar to the Moar devs.

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More than likely since the response to this thread was pretty good. :wink:

When though; we’ll just have to wait and see.

Patch 1.1.8 is awesome and the amount of areas we got beyond expectations! But…

As great as the patch is and as georgeous as the new areas look, I also wish there was some kind of quest(s) attached to those areas giving you more incentive to go to those place while leveling.

Looking at the asterkarn mountain road. :thinking:

I’m all for this provided that any such quests aren’t meaningfully impacted (e.g. made unavailable) by any of your actions in the existing game. (I’d rather not have my earlier actions/decisions in-game retroactively be made uninformed.)

Hey, can new boss shards be more like the volcanic ruins, and less like, ugh, the other one? Bosses ganking up on you in sphinx arena are an absolute pain.

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These 15 new areas… are they shattered realm only or more side area for the campaign? I don’t get it what’s the eye of crate?

It’s quite clear; they’re extra areas for the Shattered Realm. And you don’t get eye of Crate? =Zantai’s allseeing eye. :zantai: :smile:

Ok so no new areas coming next update? I like to start fresh and experience the areas when i’m supposed to not back tracking. I love the current patch I started fresh and it’s a ton more fun to me having more areas to explore at my level then just going back.

Yes, 15 new areas for the Shattered Realm. Nothing for the main campaign.

Crate never stops to amaze, I mean, WTF is wrong with you guys giving out so much content? Love you guys!!

Some nice looking new environments. Makes me want to jump back into the Map Editor at some point, perhaps make some sort of snow environment with TQ assets.


It’s good to see the game continue to evolve. I rarely play it these days, but I respect and support the great effort. Keep up the good work!

Check back on 12/07/2020?
In the past!
Oh, you’re being American!
As an game that is enjoyed across the world, may be write the date out in future, this time it was clearly a USA date, but what if the date had been the 10th of December? Confusion would have ensued. 12/10/2020 or 10/12/2020?

It’s great to see you are still supporting this great game.

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I expect there have been a few dates since Zantai started writing the Grim Misadventures back in June 2012 that were confusing. But we always manage to work out which date he means. :smile:

In case devs are considering a future little patch release with MOAR, my suggestion is no need you have given us so much already, give us a loyalist pack so we can repay you.
But if u really feel the urge, then maybe look at making co-op play much more challenging, it should be balanced so teamwork is essential to progress, maybe with randomized enemies coming from everywhere, or replace all trash mobs with all hero mobs that cooperate with each other to take players down who don’t band together

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We will get even MOAR updates? So nice to be alive. Will be waiting :smiley: