Grim Misadventure #175 - A Look Back at 2020

I’m a little confused by this line. WoW graphics look designed for 8 year olds watching kiddie cartoons. Grim Dawn’s graphics are without a doubt more “mature” in comparison.


Do you mean more brutal and gothic? :slight_smile:

You could say that. Basically, Grim Dawn goes for a more mature semi-realistic look whereas games like WoW (and Torchlight, for example) have ultra cartoony graphics that are clearly aimed at children. Visually anyone can see this difference.

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Look at some clips with Diablo 4 or Wolcen, compare that kind of graphic with GD and you will see what I want.If you can’t do it then sorry my post wasn’t for you.

You mentioned WoW (and ESO) - you didn’t mention D4 or Wolcen until this post. Jus’ saying.

I’m not against “better” graphics… and what kinda diablo-like enthusiast would I be if I haven’t already seen D4 or Wolcen? :wink:

May we assume you are refering to high-fidelity graphics? GD2 should have you covered.


Yea maybe I should say this first time. For me GD and WoW feels cartooni no matter how you put it and I don’t blame anyone that thinks otherwise.I respect ppl oppinios but I expect they do the same.

Must be a language barrier thing. You weren’t being disrespected. But I will highly disagree with any assertion that says that GD has WoW graphics - if anything putting them in the same category graphically is disrespectful to GD in my view.

Thank you for the response! Just so people don’t hang me I don’t hate the GD graphics is just a think of personal taste. Maybe even a caprice(whim) on my part.

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i like wow graphics, i like GD graphics, doesn’t mean i want one to be the other, rather i’d like there to be the different tones/games
personally what i love about the GD art is it reminds me of exactly that, “old” oil paintings. It totally feels like how i thought it would be when stepping into The Painted World in Dark Souls
and i really really hope that GD2 adopts the same type/style although more updated, and stays far away from Wolcen plastic looking graphics with overabundance of “shimmer”/character glitter reflection


I don’t think Crate Entertaiment will consider me disrespectful saying that GD feels cartooni but who knows maybe it is but that makes GD better. Nothing is perfect and it has to have bad thinks as well and seems maybe i am the bad think in it and in the end that makes the game more good for you and others.

Like Grim Dawn 2??

If they decide to make it and when they’re ready to tell us, of course.

Thank you for all your ideas, passion and braveness to make such a great game for us. Grim Dawn will not die without your patches, it will live in our hearts and hard drivers. I will definitely be visiting Cairn MOAR. Still, it will be something new to be without updates and Grim Misadventures (let´s be honest - sad), but, inevitable. Looking forward to your new IP´s! Good luck, Crate team!


Hi there! I know I’m a little late, but there are still a few of us left from the Before Times (from the forums in my case, but I mostly lurked on there just like I do here). Grim Dawn has turned out way better than I ever could’ve hoped, and it’s kept me busy on and off for longer than any other single game. Even when I stop for a few months I always get some other silly idea for a meme build to run through the game one more time with, so who knows how much more I’ll get out of it at this rate…



Late to the party, but I just wanted to thank all of Crate once again (hopefully not the last time, because gimme that promising Farthest Frontier!) Over the years, I’ve been contantly amazed at your attention to feedback, and your consistancy in design and philosophy. So, once again, thank you for all your hard work. Playing Grim Dawn has been and remains a pleasure.


Grim Dawn is a game special to me because it’s one of those games that helped me define the world of ARPGs with its diverse gameplay mechanics and unique storyline. I’ve been playing it for more than a year and I became underwhelmed when Crate decided to cease updating it, since I’ve also expected a lot of new content from them this year.

I do have some high hopes for both of the upcoming projects Crate has been working on. I feel like GD2 would be a response to some unexplained lore surrounding world of Cairn as well as adding a lot of new things that we didn’t get to see in the previous game. The concept of Farthest Frontier is also pretty interesting. Personally, I’ve never played a town builder but the game itself makes me really want to try it once its released.

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Completely agree. Sure, some better (more fine grained textures and details) visual effects would be nice indeed, but the overall visual direction of Grim Dawn is just fantastic, and I hope they won’t deviate too much from it for Grim Dawn 2, if we ever get it (hopefully we will)


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with the end of grim misadventures, I feel like friend has died…