Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

Wow both of these sound awesome, and something I wanted for a while now!

And this is something I wanted in a long looooong time. With the expansions you usually hit 70 or more before moving on to Elite, and this sounds better than having to skip Elite completely and go on to the next one and then hitting 100 mid-campaign and chugging through the rest.

Oh yes. Can we also get the old “show random monster models during the credits” thing back, but updated to the expansions, please?

That’s awesome news!

It would be great if we can somehow track the Holy Grail progress (e.g having all legendary and/or blue and set items). I know this can be tracked via other methods, but it would be neat if it was an ingame option.

This patch is going to be epic. You have to give us more to buy to show support for you all. Another cosmetic pack or something.


Just a heads up. We will be releasing a hotfix for the game to address a few outstanding issues (mainly invisible controller inputs when assigning keys and the Internet multiplayer option being locked).

If you see a download for the game, it is NOT v1.2.0.0! Please do not hyperventilate!



This is so very exciting. I may bring a few new players onto the bandwagon once this patch drops!

Come on, you know we’ve been waiting patiently for years now for that to be a “yes” rather than “maybe”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hope to get finally a pet rock just like in the “Edge of Reality” area, following me around.

Rock Pet Sticker by Kev Lavery for iOS & Android | GIPHY


I want the real deal! item-summoned “Walking Dead” (grimtools name) rock pets!

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Really waiting for the fog removal feature because that’s the difference in this location for example


No fog (with Grim Internals + Grim Dawn.exe hack :

The location is in the League but it’s the same in some locations in unmodded Grim Dawn


Could we please get this option for our character/toons as well??

  • Having a big Health bar with % above my toon is one of my fave GI features.

Thanks and looking forward to this BIG update. Keep up the incredible work Crate!!

yeah but i mean some small dlc wich adds more endgame content to the game :slight_smile:

Yeah, I fully understand that fog adds a layer of atmosphere, but it really makes the game look not as good as it could without it.

Using fog removal and Reforge of Dawn (Reshade preset) looks like you’ve bumped up the resolution.

I had an autoclicker/autokey set up a few years ago for when I use builds with those kinds of skills (and one that is Y 1234567890 Y to swap hotbars and set all my auras) but I usually just avoid mastery combinations with multiple of this skill type. It might be impossible from a technical perspective to have a skill be both an aura and a cast but it would be great.

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Hey Zantai any chance adding the GI infoboxes? DPS meter and cd timers

And there is something to be said about overconfident newbies that think they’re “the shit” starting on Ultimate only to get wrecked and then downvoting the game because it’s still “imba” after all these years.

Wait, you’re not saying that you’re doing this to improve ratings, are you? Because that sounds so unlike you…

I’m currently on vacation, literally, with still a week to go
Now you have me itching to go home and dust off GD, good job! XD

It’s really amazing to me that you still support the game in this manner, beyond my wildest expectations, and honestly even beyond reason
Especially considering that you’re busy working on a number of titles these days and charge nothing for this huge update
I’m very much looking forward to testing all of it and MOAR, soon-ish

I would also like to take the opportunity to second the suggestion of adding in rainbow filter functionality in some way (not necessarily resembling :unicorn: :face_vomiting:)
The amount of (rarity in) affixes and suffixes can be overwhelming to those not memorizing all of them, and finding something that is rare is the ultimate kick to magpies like me


Doubt it since the game’s Steam rating certainly hasn’t dropped.



Please more pants, boots and gloves. Pretty please with cherry on top.

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I second this…!

  • Having a “tick-box” with the option for an official Rainbow Filter by Crate would definitely be the “final piece of the puzzle”

100% it would be beautiful. Like a… rainbow.

Is it possible do some changes for temporary buffs as well (e.g. pneumatic burst)? I’ve personally been avoiding infiltrators, witchhunters, etc. for their double temporary buffs. Maybe turn some of them into toggle type with average values during its duration or something. It would be massive QoL improvement