Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

Rainbow Colors mod out of the box, pretty please!
Makes it much easier to look through item stats at a glance

Miss it on XBox


Yep I know, friend, it’s just that the game will have 3 difficulties, but 2 without much overall purpose to be done, besides player’s self accomplishment. I don’t think this is enough. At least for me, to make Elite and Ultimate have better value, they should rebalance items and encounters and make some exclusive to Elite and Ultimate difficulty (for example, as Lokarr already is).

There are skill point rewards on each difficulty that cannot be reconciled without something like the difficulty merit.

And there is something to be said about overconfident newbies that think they’re “the shit” starting on Ultimate only to get wrecked and then downvoting the game because it’s still “imba” after all these years.


imo 1 difficulty is alwys meant to be skipped, which one it is is then personal choice; and Ultimate will still be the goal, since as the post mentioned, drop rates will still be better and more plentiful, so your time will simply be better rewarded
also personally feel that the challenge increase is worth, because going to 100% on normal would be just… too boring - but we all different like that
i think this change will bring benefit to casul players, while the segment that still think normal is too easy or boring, will still want to play on Ultimate, atleast “eventually”


Thanks for the great job! I am now looking forward to the changes in toggle skills to make effective use of weapon switching.

My small wish is that the Arcanist skill Naphrication could also disable the CC resistance of bosses for 2 seconds? It may require a lot of tweaking, but this will allow OFF (and BT) to be incorporated into a variety of builds without being tied to a specific item.


I have never felt so justified in my entire life.


A new snow area? Oooooh my! I wonder what’s in store for us then?

Along with a ton of balance passes to items/skills/procs of course. But I’m loving the MI change, because it’ll make farming outside of SR much nicer.

Though the level cap change probably also needs some caps for certain areas to allow targeted farming for certain drops. Especially blueprints, which are painful to get on lower levels anyhow.


Moar for my super tanky deathray character to see!

Man this wasn’t expected but I’m really happy to jump back in soon. This is still the best ARPG ever as far as I’m concerned.

Super hyped to be able to choose the original (best) background theme again.

Nice to see the devs still caring about this grim gem. But also, I am permanently excited for the sequel.

Good to see some old faces in the thread too.

Given that there are several visual improvements here, could we get some sort of color harmonization, such that if you’re using a buff that turns your bullets one color, and have a WPS which adds a shell around the bullet of a different color, you can pick one of them so that they don’t clash?

Also, could we have something where if we have 100% conversion, but we got it in pieces from different places, that it changes colors like a single 100% conversion on a single gear piece?

Speaking of conversion, it would be nice if elemental and individual elemental conversion stacked. So if I have 50% elemental → vitality and 50% fire → vitality, it should result in 100% fire → vitality.

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If you can’t turn off your buffs than it would make getting to the Crate superboss very tough for some classes.


Im so excited. This is amazing.

Agree with this. All of what was said and this and ill be happy this christmas. And next.


Best damn arpg becomes even better… and after that - there is MOAR… I haven’t been this excited in a long time :smiley:

Thank you Crate!

MOAR ? I might come back :smile:

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Can you guys add loot beams from GI? As an optional setting?

I agree with this. I think most of the droprates for MIs for bosses felt very fair in and their rates are usually well balanced around the fact how long the run to the boss is and how difficult the boss itself is to kill. Making all have their MIs drop 100% unnecessarily skews this balance imo.

It’s only a “problem”, if you don’t decide to move on to higher diffs. It’s your call after all. I either go from normal to elite at lvl ~55 and from elite to ultimate at lvl ~70 or basically skip normal or elite.

I assume that’s a tech workaround. Maybe adding some energy cost per second to some of the toggles would be interesting.

Yes and no, depending on the build 2 seconds is either the same amount of time one needed to rebuff before or quite noticeably shorter (possession builds). 2-4 seconds are probably the “fair” amount here, 2 seconds being on the “easy” side. 3 seconds would probably be the number I’d suggest here.

Usually droprates are also balanced around time one needs from the rift to said boss and I’d say that on average the density is higher than in e.g. D4, but there are some outliers ofc. In general though, if you want to farm items without the feeling of emptyness, there’s always SR and Crucible.

Being able to filter by affixes or filter items by stats on affixes as well as highlighting items (with certain affixes) like Last Epoch can would be huge.

Bounties are usually a non-factor and close to useless anyway. They need a proper rework at some point as Z has also pointed out at some point in the past already.

I agree, very mixed bag indeed. I’m definitely part of the “Ultimate is the real game” faction and think that instead of elite + ultimate sharing a monster entry, I think normal + elite should share the monster entry instead. Overall this is a very casual friendly change, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I could see some people argue that it does reduce the sense of accomplishment from doing certain content on ultimate.

Would be very nice indeed, especially since it basically already exists in custom game.


My idea about this change is: Start playing in normal difficulty until the end with one character to get all items needed so you can start with a new character the elite difficulty or even the Ultimate difficulty so you can have a “better” start in these difficulties.

I really wanted this change since its boring to travel all the map 3 times or skipping areas because you just want the level x to go to another difficulty until you get the ultimate difficulty.

And I think this change make the game better.