Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing


I second this, and would add the OA/DA hit/crit% trackers as well. Bigger number good is simple, but it’s nice to know in real time what my chance for these things is.


Does this also mean that auto loot will include more items e.g. lore notes and all quest items?

About the time of day, can we still change it to fit our desired ambiance?

This update is amazing in any case. Thank ye kindly, Z <3

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Oh gosh, yes please! Seconding this.

Please I need a clarification:
The player will have the opportunity to choose the difficulty they want to play from the get go (char create) without needing to do act 1 to 4 on every difficulty to progress to the endgame (ultimate)?

Wow, I expected QoL tweaks but holy fuck! The Arcane change, the buff toggle, the MI drop rate, the freaking difficulty overhaul. Expected none of those at this stage. I love you guys.

Correct me if I’m wrong but that means pseudo pets will now have improved behaviour right?

Also, about the permanent buffs, that doesn’t impact temp buffs with permanent uptime like Pneumatic Burst or BoD, right? Those will still need to be activated manually just to keep the stats on.


I have a question. How do the Crate devs manage to be so consistently cool and good? Is it innate or do you guys study game design under ancient immortal sages in some forgotten monastery?


New options sound great! The fact, that MIs will be somehow marked, deserves its own, big bullet point. Thank you for still working on the game. But being me, I have to focus on the negatives:

  • 100 % drop chance for some MIs - I don’t like guaranteed drops in a Diablo-likes. There already are a few and now we’ll get more Francis’ guns. Keep the randomness and let players deal with it however they want.
  • higher scaling on Vet/Elite - I already finish them on too high levels (70 and 95) and this will only make the problem worse.
  • Toggled skills with energy costs will have those costs removed. - What? Why?
  • Nerfing arcanes - this may turn a memorable, rage- and confusion-inducing mechanic into an unnoticeable quirk, that’s not worth avoiding.

I am completely honest to say that this amount of effort that devs show in improving their game is fantastic and extremely appreciated. Please start Kickstarter for GD2, even if it’s 10 years in the future, so I can pay up immediately. Really.

However, I have just a few observations:

  1. The 100% chance for bosses to drop their non-legendary MIs seems a bit too much. Grim Dawn has very generous drop rates, do they really need a buff.

  2. The change for Arcane heroes is interesting. Yes, they are annoying, but they are also fun. While this idea that they disable permanent buffs only temporarily is sound, I think that 2 seconds is a little too easy for the player. How about increasing that to 5? Basically, it would be a shame if Grava went from a very dagerous dude to a slightly tougher Chthonian.


Something about the graphic engine? Fps when there are encounters with a lot of Mobs.

There are many fascinating new elements that I am excited about.

However, let me make one comment on your mention of boss MI and teleportation.
This is largely due to my personal preferences, but far more troublesome than the low drop rate of the bosses is the path from the rift to the boss, which only gives a sense of emptiness.
Therefore, i had a suggestion about rift that can be set up at the player’s discretion (but very expensive!) in the feedback thread.
I hope you will continue to consider it.

No, the Savior’s Merit hasn’t been mentioned. He is saying that the maximum level cap for monsters / areas will be removed.

Sadly this will make it very difficult to farm blueprints in Elite e.g. those last few pesky ones from Sentinel …




Any plans for cool unique audio cues to accompany the visual alerts?

Looking forward to killing the new super boss “Prince Humperdink”.

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Really happy about all of this. Thank you!

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Pretty sure that’s the accurate duration of the “vacation”


no wonder … you guys should buy some chickens…


Thanks for the reply.
To be honest, if the game will scale to level 100 why we need 3 difficulties? I mean, couldnt we technically have all the progression only on “1 world”? I know about factions, decisions yada yada yada, but it’s an arpg and players have to live with the consequences of their choices (we still have players who sells Sahdina’s Memento without knowing anyway).
With this implementation I can’t see the point of Elite difficulty for example.
And I also think mythical items should be gated to ultimate difficulty as a lot of other items as well.
At first glance I was amazed by the news, now I see more problems than an actual solution. I thought they would solve the necessity to redo the acts 1 to 4, 3 times (I know about Merit, but I’m talking about overall progression on one go instead of 3).

level+xp scaling isn’t the same as difficulty scaling
so the idea is probably, as i’m reading it, “if you want to level to 100, but want an easy(er) time of it; you can now level to 100 on normal” - if you still want challenge, just follow the regular progression of heading to ultimate when you feel like

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In one of FromSoftware’s titles, a game called SEKIRO, iirc, it was possible to toggle the game difficulty & drop rate increase by interacting with certain objects in the game.
A similar system would seem perfect for GD