Grim Misadventure #94: Something Stirs within the Shadows

Wow! Didn’t exspect some additional free content! Guys! I swear EA, Ubisoft and others are raging in their basement right now. How do you let them look by giving away serious content for free? :cool: How will you ever satisfy your shareholders with this strategy? :rolleyes:

BTW addon bought for sure 30$ surprise incoming? :eek: -no, i guess this belongs to others ;):D.

Best news I’ve heard all day.

The children of Ch’thon ?

Amazing! Looking forward for the new dungeon.

Wonder if you ally with the Witch Gods faction (or three, though they might all just be one faction) or if they’re the new villains of the expansion or if you have a choice. The article seems to imply they’re the villains at first, but the end of the article might be interpreted as you becoming an ally.

Unlike the Cthonians of which there’s no way to be a Cthonian player, there’s actually an entire mastery that relies on the witch gods for power (Occultist, of which half the skills derive power from one of the witch gods). Basically practically any player occultist is a follower of the witch god(s), right? It’d seem odd to have the Witch gods as defacto villains in that case.

Regardless, I’m very happy to see more upcoming content.


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This morning I was thinking “great another dull week lies ahead…” and now I’m smiling like a little kid.

Cheers guys!

A new dungeon about the Witch Gods? Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope there’s some cool chaos oriented gear at the end!

C’h’thon is an entirely different god from the 3 witch gods (Dreeg, Bysmiel, and Soleil). In fact, up until now, I figured the three witch gods were either “true neutral” or “misunderstood good (for a given definition of good) guys”, considering that you can already play as a witch god follower right NOW in a way (the occultist, of whom half the skills come from the witch gods).

Heck, maybe they still are, or maybe it’s just that they have multiple aspects to them where some of their worshippers are evil while others (including the occultist player, presumably. At least, relatively speaking) are not. The article implies either or both at various points.

Awesome, Crate’s setting the bar quite high. You guys are killing it!

I can’t wait for the modkit, this is going to be amazing!

When is easy. Its before modding which is coming at the end of the month.

I suspect a new faction, and/or a new system of empowerment/customization, all rolled into new lore with a bonus dungeon. I like it.

Free new content? Ehm. Maybe we should pay for DLC? Looks like some sort of trick. Noone sells DLC for free.

And where do they say it is before modding?

Dear Crate and Zantai - you are the best thing which happened in my gaming life in the past few years (together with Witcher 3 games and Pillars of Eternity).

I cant believe you are giving us so soon more of the amazing GD lore + bosses and dungeons (new Faction + Nemesis, pretty please?).

A bit sad that it is free, since i want to give you more money (bought both Steam and GoG copies) so you can create dozens of times more similar content (at least 2 full expansions!!).

To be honest, i havent enjoyed not even closely an ARPG as GD, since D2 LOD 1.09.

note: hm at first i mistook Korvaak with Dreeg, but the images of both gods in the stone monuments (Tomb of Korvaak; shrine of the Forgotten God) is quite different then the pic here.
< ready to take on Korvaak the utlimate evil as expansion n2 end boss :slight_smile:

Sweet! New content already, very nice.

-Looks from Side to Side…- THIS. IS. GRIM DAWN! - Kicks Grohuf into a hole-

Except Korvaak is primordial, whereas Dreeg ascended for trying to take a peek into the eldritch realms of the gods. Also, you should really drop that “Korvaak is one of the Three” idea, because Zantai already said it that Korvaak is not one of them.

BTW Why is Dreeg doing the \m/ sign with his right hand?

Where can you find that info about Dreeg? I think they updated the artwork but than again you never know with these dev’s :slight_smile: