Grim Misadventure #94: Something Stirs within the Shadows

Nice catch i missed that. I bet he’s a metal head :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news! I’m still exploring the original content (which is a LOT btw) and you guys already have more incoming for us :slight_smile: Awesome work Crate, keep it up!

Isn’t that stone standing in the Shrine of the Forgotten God?

Both hands! Probably the rock-starriest of the 3.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually with both hands.

Well after that chinese guys beat the avatar of mogdrogen, they had to implement a god (or three), right? Get the hype train started!!!

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I’m quite excited about the modding tools! I have never wanted to create my own mods for a game before, but I’ve become so attached to the lore of Cairn. Thank you for the update, devs. I hope you will see success with your creations.

Holy fuuuuuck. That’s so awesome, you guys rule.


It’s a touchy subject, and this might just be my own feelings, but don’t be afraid of future paid DLC / expansions!

I know an expansion was mentioned before, which is great. I just don’t want the fear of being considered greedy with DLC to stop Crate from sustaining themselves as a business and individuals.

“Just” the addition of a single mastery would add insane amounts of game value and replayability. I’d buy that!

GG Crate.

Wooo. I posted thread with a pic of those shrines asking for them to have purpose in the expansion. Instead they are going to have purpose in the update. Is this the last planned content update before you work on the expansion? Any balance changes to items coming?

Great news!

Modding question: Will it be possible to order the PC and mobs to move and attack targets? You know, for cutscenes and stuff. In TQ, there were a few short scripted sequences. That was a nice touch; I liked it.

They’re going to wait until you two are just about done with your balance patch then drop their own official one :wink:

Why bother, we’ll just copy paste their mod into the game.


You joke but I give you full permission to implement any changes I make to the game (just a formality), to the vanilla game. I’d be honored. It’s actually my hope to do a good enough job that you guys will want to implement at least some of it. Last time I checked Ceno felt the same. I’m not sure how this works legally. I think you already don’t need the permission of people modding your game, but maybe you do because you profit off the game.

If you do need permission, then it is hereby eternally granted to whomever is working at Crate. You may take any aspect of my mods and implement them, with or without credit, for free. Always. Forever.

TLDR, I’d be happy if you copy any tweak Ceno and I make that you deem healthy for the game.

This would actually be cool because I’d see if there were any similarities. This would also be a little tedious because our mod will try to stay updated with the vanilla, and incorporate the vanilla. So we will need to update as the game does, but that’s also part of the fun.

But our progress is going to be touch and go as we release different versions of the mod. Some updates will be small, others medium. I don’t think we will release a single version that is as expansive as any of Crates content changes or balance updates.

As the game reaches a healthier and healthier state of balance, the balance can also become volatile. Small changes can have big impacts so we have to test a few changes at a time. Luckily item changes won’t be as impactful so we can change a lot at a time after we mess with skills attributes and constellations.

Thanks crate :slight_smile:

And your making it free ? I would love to pay for it :smiley:

Great news! I hope we’ll see a few new items, components, augments etc. I’m very enthusiastic about this and the expansion.
Will we get any insight on the approximate expansion dates, like Q3 2016?

Anyway, thanks to the team for a great work alredy done with this project, pretty sure there’s more to come

Hopefully it’ll provide some more replay value in Grim Dawn.

Great stuff guys

And expansion Q3 2016?? Lol i highly doubt it…we’ll probably see some Grim Misadventure updates on that in the fall but i no 2016 release i don’t think.

I knew if I was patient this would come one day :smiley: Thank you Crate

Now go find a way to raise my minimum fps :wink:

Hey Crate,

While I like free stuff as much as the next player, I would really encourage you to consider creating content that you can charge as DLCs. I know you’re doing well as a small studio, but money can go fast creating new games (overhead run rates are always scary for small studios), and more money in the bank helps you through those lean times. I’d hate for you to go the way of Ironlore after your first expansion…

Please consider creating/working on additional paid content… so that you guys stay in business for the next 10 years or so. (I’m looking forward to GrimDawn 40k!!).


I’m waiting for bug fix and balancing. Veteran and Elite are too easy now.