Grim Misadventure #94: Something Stirs within the Shadows

Um… isn’t that like, what Ultimate is for or something? /confusion

Sounds like a reasonable approach for the DLC might be one of those ‘pay as much as you want’ things.

Then it’s free for those who want it and can be bought by those who want to contribute. Humble support that at least :wink:

Also, great news, keep the good stuff coming!

Edit: Oh, did I not comment earlier? Hyped to hell for this update and can’t wait to nerd-out over more lore. :slight_smile:

As adoomgod wrote, we had discussed that our (potentially unachievable) end-goal for the mod is to make it so solidly and acceptably that it becomes vanilla content. So keep taunting us with those smilies, its good motivation. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re going to wait until you two are just about done with your balance patch then drop their own official one
Also as adoomgod said, I’d be interested in such a thing as well. We’re going to try to keep as close to the ‘Crate vision’ of balance as we can, and it’d be interesting to see whether we’re accurate or not.

You two are going to be unofficial Crate employees :stuck_out_tongue:

O my gawrshkees I haven’t even reached Act 4 yet on any of my 21 characters, and the hits just keep on coming!!! Can’t wait for the mods just hope we get Steam WS compatibility…GJ & keep it coming. I am ready to buy into ANY game you start, just keep up the great work…

Veteran is not that easy if you start afresh with no help from other characters or using any other equipment previously found.

On topic: This is great news from a great dev team. Well done to you and thanks for the awesome game :slight_smile:

Interesting…the three witch gods are awesome, so I’m looking forward to more lore and a dungeon directly related to them. :smiley:

Agree! Once again, us, the consumer’s, are very privilliged!

Full credit to the Crate team!!


just came back from week end and read that, that’s really exciting ! i didn’t expect content update like this after release, many thanks to Crate for the hard work on expanding that already great game !

Once again great job crate, can’t wait for modding tools and new stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

this will keep me entertained :slight_smile:

Can wait for it… im expecting new secret quests like Dalia’s secret, it was amazing to learn the Lore and do the longest quest in game!

Caught my attention with Witch Gods…so…foreboding.

Amazing news! Can’t wait to see what can be done with the modding tools! I hope they won’t be to complex to use though, but complex enough to do some great stuff. (I am not familiar with the TQ-Editor.)

The Witch Gods, finally they are not just some names that you read here and there. Will there be new factions or will they become new enemies to crush?
Questions, time will answer.

Or Crate(what I do not believe).

Now this i like!
I always liked these witch gods so i wonder how they and their followers are gonna look :slight_smile:
Btw, as an Occultist can’t u be friends with them?

Ok, since nobody asked this yet…

1- Will this extra content be available on every difficulty, or do we have to be on Elite/Ultimate+ to access it?

2- Will there be an increased level cap with this new content? Because you can already get to 85 pretty easily and before even getting to Ultimate Karroz, assuming you do or did every single quest/optional dungeon on the previous difficulties…


I also second that this new area (or at least one of the new areas) will be opened in the Shrine in the forgotten god, hidden location at the southeast of Blood Grove

Just want to say I’m almost positive it’s for all difficulties, but I know you want an official response.

Yet another unexpected addition to the game. You guys are honestly the best.