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I think we could use MIs being selectable in item filter because sometimes they are often build defining.
For example Barthollem’s Gavel and Spectral Longsword - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database.

If that’s too many items

  • shoulders

  • boots

  • belt

  • pants

  • chests

could be dropped because they never define a build.

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Do you know why your crawler did not find this build? [] Just Another Physical Retaliation S&B Warlord [SR85] [Ravager of Souls] [Callagadra]

Could it be because of the way I added the grimtools link (and the way the link is than expanded) - as this is the only difference to my old builds?

Yeah, looks like you quoted the link. Crawlers skips all quotes in forum posts. That might be the reason.

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Hi. Could you tell me what wrong with this one? The crawler doesn’t find the link in the table I used in the thread I guess?

Crawler didn’t like the title for some reason. It’s added to the list now.

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That is the way currently the forum handles link which you copy in full (a c&p link will be automatically extended by the forum to the form visible in the thread). This means, to have the crawler work, we should better use [ url ] - like I did for my other builds?

Edit: hmm, here it seemed to work: [] Vehemence Deniable - Octavius Paladin [sr+][vid]

Thanks, I really like seeing my builds presented nicely on grimtools.com/builds/author/tqFan

Ah, I found the issue. 3-4 months ago I changed crawler logic to include only guides that have a video (95% of recent guides at that time had it) - in my opinion guides with videos are more relevant and have better quality. The forum thread in question doesn’t have any vids.

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Ah, good to know - than I will just accept that my builds will no longer be listed.

This thread has been qualified as a build incorrectly:

Thanks. Added it to ignore list.

Could you tell me what to change about [] SSF Physical Eye of Reckoning Warlord | leveling and beginner build | HC friendly
so that it’s included in the build list? Or maybe add it to the list of exceptions?

Builds created by tqFan - Grim Dawn Builds

Might be that the linked videos are not correctly seen by the script and your guide therefore does not fulfill the inclusion criteria :dunno:

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Yeah, perhaps build crawler doesn’t like the videos, there should be at least one video that “looks like a guide”, 2-3 minutes long. I didn’t check the vids in the forum thread, but it may be the reason.

I have a lot of videos in my guide

  • how to farm Aether Crystals

  • how to spend devotion points

  • how to farm ugbenblooms

  • how to farm Gargoyles

  • how to play Crucible in the beginning

  • how to farm Death’s Vigil reputation

  • how to powerfarm Vinelton (in to versions)

  • showcases how the builds handles the most important bosses

I also have a lot of things on the Grim Dawn channel, you are welcome ))

There was an issue with thread title parsing. It’s fixed and your build now shows up in the build list.

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Hi. It seems to me builds are sorted by their creation date.
How about sorting them first by game version to promote the most up to date builds and encourage updating?
I updated a build thread from 1.1.7.x to and it’s buried still by a ton of old builds.

Fair point! For now I retained sorting by created_date desc for initial results (“Recently added builds”), but if any filter is applied, e.g. game version, then it will be sorted by build_version_base desc, updated_date desc (previously it was sorted by build_version_base desc, created_date desc).

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Hmmm… I don’t think it works or maybe the threads need to be bump to be reparsed / resorted?
Builds created by tqFan - Grim Dawn Builds
(You can see builds at the bottom of the list)