[Grimarillion build] 100% avoid everything

Trying to make a char that avoids everything, not sure yet if it’s gonna be any good or just a fun meme.

Level 91 Wind Runner (night+monk), reached a glorious 101% avoid melee attacks and 63% ranged. Will go up to 78% with the 15% bonus on myhtical Deathmarked set still missing two pieces.

Obviously got all escape from devos. May up a bit more but already having escape % on most of my stuff.

Has anyone tried this? Do you just miserably die from some auras and ground stuff?
It may take a while to complete DM set so I’ll finish this char whenever I get it

Let me know if someone got a similar char for endgame


Yes. Dodge/deflect is meant to supplement your defenses, not to serve as a primary defense. Focusing on dodge/deflect without meaningful resists, armor or health is a recipe for disaster, you can’t avoid waves, aoes, damage auras or reflects.

I haven’t tried it in v68, but back in an old version of the rogue tree you could stack avoidance a lot (in combo with nightblade). AlienFromBeyond and me managed to stack around 80~ deflect/dodge back then.

I got to 100% but as Asylum said I die from random stuff
Still fun and half decent character (damage and RR), feels godmode …sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing it’s due to resistances not being optimal? And yes, dodge/deflect doesn’t help against reflect damage ^^

I actually love this idea. I want to make some kind of rogue with a similar irreverent flair. Who says we have to kill everyone?