Grimdawn Editor no longer opening

Hello i made a mistake in the asset manager and since then the grim dawn editor is no longer opening…

I started building and i notice i din’t selected any mods I promptly canceled and shortly after tried to lauch the game noticing i was no longuer working properly.

I decided to finish the previous operation and now the editor and the game is no longer working. (editor just telling me it not responding, however it never change even)

Thank you for your help

Try verifying the game via Steam. If you are not on Steam, you probably need to reinstall.

I have uninstall the game completely and reinstall it, however it is still not working…Properly.

Found a workaround, right now i actually have to force my computer to sleep then for some reason the program open up as soon as i return to my desktop. This is for both the game and the editor and it is unique to grimdawn, no other programs or games are behaving like that…