GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

oh wait, this one has scripted muts as well.

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Ah, I see, because they’re the same in both halves of the run.

so you want a copy of PoE. maybe just play PoE? :wink:

Grim of Exile

Updated to v1.30

New features:

  1. Rescaled SR and CR points, added missing 4.10 benchmark for CR.
    <5.30 - 1 point
    <5.00 - 2 points
    <4.45 - 3.5 points 3.2 points
    <4.30 - 5.5 points 4.6 points
    <4.20 - 7.5 points 6 points
    <4.10 - 7.5 points 7.2 points
    <4.00 - 9.5 points 8.2 points
    85 - 1 points
    90 - 2 points
    95 - 3.5 points 3.2 points
    100 - 5.5 points 5 points
    105 - 7.5 points 6.8 points
    110+ - 9.5 points 8 points
  2. Rescaled Celestial points and now they’re displaced as cool boxes.
    Avatar of Mogdrogen (Mog) - 0.5 points 0.4 points
    Ravager - 0.5 points 0.6 points
    Crate of Entertainment (CoE) - 0.5 points 0.8 points
    Callagadra - 1 point 0.8 points
  3. Added Damage type column
  4. Added Archetype column
  5. Table and Ranking for was reserved and now displayed as a standalone pages. They are not a subject to any change.

Now for NERFS:
all phys retal builds lose 20 secs in CR (and 40 for naked CR), unless proven otherwise.
all phys retal builds go one SR benchmark lower, unless proven otherwise.
if a build received a harsh nerf in 1.1.9 and wasn’t tested afterwards, “!#” will be put near it’s name.
if a build received a nerf, that made it #deadbuild - it will have [nerfed] and all points vanished

As for regular changelog that i used to write every other time - i don’t think many people actually use it. so if you really need it @tqFan you can become a moderator yourself and fill it for others. I’m too lazy to do it tbh.


Figured I may as well add my builds in here. Thanks for adding my Paladins already, but Siegebreaker requires an update for SR 85 :wink:

[] Siegebreaker Paladin: Celestial Killer, Crucible 170ex, SR85 (vid)
Class: Paladin
Author: Crab_Turtle_2112
Patch Version:
CR timing: -
SR: 85
Naked CR: -

[] Cold Jacks Saboteur - Lokarr, SR80, Mogdrogen, Ravager
Class: Saboteur
Author: Crab_Turtle_2112
Patch Version:
CR timing: -
SR: 80
Naked CR: -

[] Sword and Board "Wait it's not a DK?" Aether Apostate - SR80, 8 min Crucible, Mogdrogen, Ravager
Class: Apostate
Author: Crab_Turtle_2112
Patch Version:
CR timing: -
SR: 80
Naked CR: -
Note: all vids for this character are from but nothing changed and SR80 is still comfortable.

Let me know if anything requires clarification!

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Imo due to boss harder scaling which is visible over 100, basically any build should be dropped from 105 into 100 and 110 into 105. Very likely builds (like casters) that were able to survive one hit with 10% hp left on 110 can die now immediately.

not that they’re a lot sr100+ non retal/pets build there but ok, i’ll change that as well.

On Pet side, hopefully I am wrong, but I would say that atleast SR wise, builds will need retesting.

i have no clue what pests were and weren’t nerfed and how dramatic the changes are. for now i’ve marked only the one with the cat and only on SR side

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Here’s the changelog for v1.30:
(full changelog)

[v1.30] 31th of January 2020:

Nerfs, rule changes, new features


build class author
Aether S&B Apostate Crab_Turtle_2112
Obsidian Juggernaut+Regen Commando thepowerofmediocrity
Blightlord Vitality Defiler madroman
Elemental Savagery Druid Crittrain
Noctrin Pierce SS Infiltrator Superfluff
Aether Rutnick Paladin Crab_Turtle_2112
RF Siegebreaker Paladin Crab_Turtle_2112
Infernal Knight Purifier MergosWetNurse
Pierce DW / BS Reaper Mikhail
Physical Savagery Ritualist fordprefect
Harra Stun Jacks Saboteur Crab_Turtle_2112
Physical Oblivion+Guardians Sentinel AlkamosHater
Acid EoR Sentinel singletrack
Blightlord Blazeseer Shieldbreaker Retal_Abuser
Cold Arcblade TSS Spellbreaker Valinov
Light’s Defender (tanky) Vindicator Retal_Abuser
Phys Vire Skater Warlord MysteryMeat
CD pierce/Bleed PB Witch Hunter Crittrain



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Btw I also updated my Blightlord Shieldbreaker, in case you didn’t notice.

It’s in added so I’ll pass on adding it to updated :wink:

@Crab_Turtle_2112 The month of January was dominated by :crab: and :turtle:.


Very cool, that you’ve done an update. Propably with final 1.9 it’s now getting more stable :slight_smile:
I’ve also updated my copy with the list of the build items of the original sheet, the new link is:
feel free, to copy it, or merge it in the master.


I have now added a new sheet “Rare Items”, which summarizes the rare items that are used in the main builds sheet. Like most players I get spammed with rare items and have now idea, what to keep and which MI can be instanly sold / not even picked up.

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@grey-maybe you might wanna subtract that 1 second from zucc for that sweet 1.2 points lmao

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There’s so much to cut here from the beginning and the end you could make it 4:43 no problem :slight_smile:
(I cut precisely with ffmpeg personally)

If only that was worth more points :rofl:

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speed up the video by 5% like all pros do :slight_smile:

Oh I need to get my stuff in here. A new and an update to start

[] Physical Penetration - Dual Deathdealer Physical Warlord | SR85 | Crucible ~5:15 (videos included)
Class: Warlord
Author: Eard
Patch Version:
CR Timing: 5:09
SR: 85
Naked CR: -

[ -] The Light Show - Vortex of Souls Primal Strike Druid | SR75+ | CR 4:35 (videos included)
Class: Druid
Author: Eard
Patch Version:
CR Timing: 4:09
SR: -
Naked CR: -