GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

LoL even Acid builds can hardcap PS but no one can hardcap Savagery.


i’m going to get this sub 5.30 eventually, but need some time to tweak it.

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Hi again! Idk how builds are usually updated in here, so sorry if this is seen as spamming the thread.

Reached SR 90. Also kills Ravager but the box isn’t checked in the spreadsheet (I want my internet pointz pls). :smiley:

Updated to 1.40

  • Added the table, that shows total amount of builds and their distribution through damage types and archetypes. (Huge thanks to @Stupid_Dragon for this one.)

Next chance I get to pour through Crucible videos for my next thread update, I’m going to add a section in my Skills Compendium for “top Crucible builds” to showcase how good a particular type of build could get. There’s a lot of really good Crucible runs which will greatly help in populating your list. I can also help you out in finding how well pet builds are going post-nerfs, as I know Duskdeep has updated some of his builds for

Gotta do something to help contribute to make up for the “bad” builds that I post.

I could link up some of Duskdeep’s builds now:
Lightning Beastcaller’s Conjurer success through SR115
Transmuted Blight Fiend Cabalist got himself dead at SR100 (he could probably do it EZPZ if it were SC mode)

It’ll take me a while, but I’m sure non-transmuted Ghol’s Ritualist can easily get up there in SR. Someone other than me will have to take it through Crucible since my times are easily 2 min+ worse than everyone elses.


Here’s the changelog for v1.40 (full changelog):

[v1.40] 12th of March 2021:


build class author
Lost Souls Cabalist AlkamosHater
Witching Hour Cabalist thepowerofmediocrity
Lightning DB Melee Conjurer Plasmodermic
Acid Primal Strike Conjurer tqFan
CD Primal Strike + TSS Druid Plasmodermic
Belgo Calla Setup Infiltrator mad_lee
Judgment + Sunspot Paladin Superfluff
Dagallon Purifier banana_peel
Silverbolt FS Purifier Nery
Chaos DW Melee Saboteur Afanasenkov
Fire VF+Canister Saboteur AlexGoldFish
VF Fire Melee Saboteur banana_peel
Retal DE Spellbinder x1x1x1x2
Chaos BA Tactician fordprefect
Bleeding Savagery Trickster Shoot / madroman
Bloodrager Warder Shoot / madroman
Chaos DB Warlock AlkamosHater
Lightning DB Warlock grey-maybe
Deathdealer Warlord Eard
Dual Shield Warlord Shopping
Rah’zin Witchblade supertolik


build class author prev. author
Beastcaller Conjurer AlkamosHater Maya


build class author
Pierce BA Blademaster mad_lee
Belgo Infiltrator mad_lee
Pierce caster/BS Infiltrator mad_lee
Aether AAR Spellbinder madroman
Rancor Pierce/Bleed Trickster nofika4u
Ultos PS Warder Slev1n

Vitality Caster not Foi Deceiver

Thread: [ -] Vitality Deceiver. 150-170 5m 30s. SR 80. Crate of Entertainment. Callagadra. Avatar and other bosses
Class: Deceiver
Author: @AlexGoldFish_322
Patch Version:
CR timing: 5:30
SR: 80
and other achievements

fish is cancelled, but okay


Here’s what I could find from the Chinese community’s video page:

Fire Forcewave Commando - SR90 + Ravager kill
Pierce Cadence Blademaster - SR115 & Ravager kill
Here’s the thread that has the Blademaster videos

And others that I’ve found from Youtube, all courtesy of 1 okonomiso games:
Diviner’s + Blight Fiend Pet Ritualist - SR 100
Bysmiel’s Birds Pet Warlock - SR 90!!

Banana_Peel is putting together crazy Crucible runs, so he gets special mention as well.

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thanks for the links, added them to the table.
not sure how to refer to the authors though, so for now it’s just “Chinese Comm(unity)”

if anyone stumbles upon a build that is not the forums, but meets all the criteria, report it here please, i check only the forum and w/e ETE show me.

How about the pseudovalduns?

oh, i forgot about them.
maybe it’s for the better. i’d rather wait for the patch to come

Here’s one other build for the list:

Call it a meme all you want. I had to fight Aleksander, Valdaran, & Reaper at SR85 boss room, all of which have Aether resistance of 81%. It may only be one point, but I earned that point.

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Some my builds that are not added:

[] Skelemancer Cabalist -> Crucible 5:08/ SR 100/ Ravager + Mogdrogen + Crate/ 75-76 farmer (Death’s Gates Skelemancer)
Class: Cabalist
Author: Alkamoshater
Patch Version:
CR timing: 5:08
SR: 100
Naked CR: -
Bosses: Crate, Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra

[] Chaos Birds Conjurer -> Crucible 5:15/ SR 110/ All Celestials/ 75-76 farmer (Chaos Birds)
Class: Conjurer
Author: Alkamoshater
Patch Version:
CR timing: 5:15
SR: 110
Naked CR: -
Bosses: Crate, Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra

[] Aether Pet/Player hybrid Spellbinder -> CR 5:08/ SR100/ Ravager + Crate (Aether pet/player Diviner)
Class: Spellbinder
Author: Alkamoshater
Patch Version:
CR timing: 5:08
SR: 100
Naked CR: -
Bosses: Crate, Ravager

Also my Beastcaller Conjurer can be little bit updated, 170ex 8:12 and Mogdrogen kill was added to my thread sometime ago: [] Beastcaller Conjurers - Bleeding and Chaos/Bleeding hybrid-> Crucible 4:49-5:20/ SR 115/ Callagadra 2:53-3:27 + Ravager 1:23 + Crate ~30 seconds


Added Spellbinder and updated Beastcaller.

as for the skelemancer - seems to me like the weaker version of the lost souls build
Chaos Birds looks just like Chaos Pets by Crit or is there any difference?

all them pests look the same to me so i’m not sure whether these two should be added.

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There are major differences both in gameplay and itemization.

About skeletons:

  1. Lost Souls is set build, second one got more fluid itemization. Everything looks different.
  2. Skeletons from set got high CD but they are less fragile. No-set build in exchange can spam skeletons if needed.
  3. Lost Souls utilize dogs as active skill - they can be spammed and bombed into group of enemies, it increase dps. No-set build rely only on skeletons, rest pets are little meatshields.
  4. No-set build got better survivality on player side due to inbuilt flat RR so other devotion choices can be used.
  5. Wielding huge two-handed scythe is cool and impossible with lost souls.

Some people still prefers no-set version.

Now differences between both chaos builds.

  1. Just look at GT both of them: (pure chaos beastcaller) and (chaos birds)
  2. Totally another itemization, one is beastcaller set, another is bysmiel jewelery.
  3. Birds are birds, not Briarthorns.
  4. Bird build has much lower single target but aoe carry it. It’s based on lightning strike burst and elemental devotions converted into chaos from offhand - all other pets are just supporting meatshields for proccing even more aoe from Leviathan and Fissure. Beastcaller is very high constant DPS but more single-target oriented.
  5. Birds do not have so high taunt but they are ranged. Gameplay in high SR is different, more kiting is required but it’s not really much dps lose because pets do not need to stay at boss face.

Apart of it even chaos birds are little bit stronger than elemental from my tests and with only 2 items difference both must be played differently and feel like totally another builds. Elemental is heavy dot based, must be played basically like bleed damage, hit and change target. Chaos do not require so much fast target switching.
Well, if these builds are not different than each other then shouldn’t we allow only one DW/2H meele per class? There are even less differences, same autoattack animation everywhere and gameplay :wink:

So there are the same, thanks for confirming!


Can you add Crate kill and SR 95 achievements to my Siegebreaker Paladin please :smiley: :smiley:

Class: Spellbreaker
Author: nofika4u (tweaked thejabrixone’s Infiltrator version)
Patch Version:
CR timing: 4:27
SR: -
Naked CR: -

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Updated to 1.41

  • Rescaled naked CR points, added new benchmark:
    <9.00 - 1 point <7.00 - 0.8 points
    <7.40 - 1.5 points <6.35 - 1.2 points
    <6.30 - 2 points <6.15 - 1.6 points
    <6.00 - 2 points

  • Added all the builds i’ve noticed/remembered since the last update, except for RA ones.
    @tqFan your turn.