[GrimTools] Build Calculator

I’ll have some free time in the evening and if all goes well all tools will be updated. If not, then it will happen in 2 weeks.


@SirRaiuKoren People have lives you know, like going on summer vacation and such :parasol_on_ground:

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@malawiglenn Indeed. But without any clarifying context from the post, not sure if Dammit is serious or trolling. :suspicious:

Dammit wouldn’t troll about that so he’s serious.

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Unfortunate. Then, given the current time, I suppose I’ll have to do some janky comparisons in GDStash and bust out a calculator for the next couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

All tools were updated to except for /monsterdb-sr, which I don’t have time for unfortunately.
“Area names”, “Level limits” and “Challenge areas” map layers are disabled for all locales except the default one (english), it takes too much time to rebuild these layers for all locales so for now they are not available.

I’ll be away from my pc for the next couple weeks, so gt won’t be updated in that time frame. If needed, I’ll be able to fix stuff on the server itself from my laptop, but I won’t have access to gt code to fix bugs/issues nor do I want to :stuck_out_tongue:


I love you for ever :heart_eyes:
Enjoy vacation :parasol_on_ground:

Thanks for all your hard work. I can put my calculator away :smiley:

Sometimes I have just as much fun messing around in GT as I do actually playing the game. You’ve built a great work here.

I’m a little confused… It doesn’t seem to me that it was updated. Several items and skills i’ve checked for characters i’m working on are still pre-1.1.4 stats. Also, the off line update check says my current version is still up to date. Am i over looking something?

Edit: Nevermind, some of those are stemming from bugs that have yet to be fixed in hotfixes (i.e. Shar’zul’s world eater doesn’t list +2 soldier skills yet). Although i’m still uncertain if the offline calc was updated…

@Devon_Melvin since Dammit will be away from GT for a while, this means we have to account for hotfixes ourself when we theorycraft meanwhile

Yeah, offline version wasn’t updated, unfortunately I didn’t have time for it, sorry about that. You can use online version for now, I’ll provide an update in two weeks.

I have kinda always wondering (well at least since FG was released) why build calculator shows 107 attribute points as max? You get 99 from leveling up, and then there are 7 as rewards (Merciful end x 3, Hidden Path x 3, The messenger x 1) that makes it 106 in total. Or are not all attribute reward quests in Grim Tools / Checklist?

You forgot the last skill+attribute points got from clearing SR to shard 25 or something.

That’s not correct either since according to the GD Wiki:

Reach Shard 5 in Ultimate - 1 skill point
Reach Shard 15 in Ultimate - 1 skill point
Reach Shard 25 in Ultimate - 1 skill point & 1 attribute point

If that’s right then it should be 109 skill points in total.


Even the Wiki only lists the first one under it’s notable rewards list. :thinking:

Ah right! And it is also in the checklist. All good :slight_smile:

How? can you do a calculation? Here is mine
99 leveling up, 3 Kasparov, 3 Hidden path, 1 Messenger ultimate, 1 SR 25 ultimate = 99 + 8 = 107

Because as I pointed out SR gives 3 skill points, not 1. Unless the Wiki is wrong.

99 levelling up, 3 Kasparov, 3 Hidden Path, 1 Messenger Ultimate, 3 SR 5/15/25 Ultimate = 99 + 10 = 109.

you are confusing skill points and attribute point… SR only gives attribute point at SR25

I’m not confusing anything according to Wiki. Shards 5 and 15 give one skill point, Shard 25 gives one skill point and one attribute point. See for yourself.


The Wiki could be wrong, I don’t play SR so haven’t checked.

That makes sense with what Zantai said during dev streams that we’d get 3-4 more skill points in Ultimate. If 25 does give one then that’s 4, if it doesn’t that’s 3.

Then why are you adding attribute points from SR 5 and 15 in the attribute sum calculation? :

I think you are confused since I did something wrong in my attribute point sum, it should not read Kasparov but Merciful end :wink:

For skill points, you know you get more than 99 just by leveling up :stuck_out_tongue:

what is missing is Conquering SR on ultimate to get Attribute, and exploring SR + Conquering SR on ultimate to get skill points.

Eeek! You’re right, I got skill points on the brain, not attribute ones. :woman_facepalming: