[GrimTools] Interactive World Map

Hi, Dammitt.
There is no world map photo in Chinese World Map Tool, while it’s normal in English. Could you fix it please? Thanks.

I attach a screenshot to show the bug. My browser is Chrome.

Site is down for me, do we need to donate more?

Dammitt mentioned in another thread that if he updates things it will be in english because it takes too much time to update everything in every language.

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Oh, I see. I didn’t notice that post. Thanks.

Since two days site is down impossible to load the map.
In fact I think the site grimtools.com does not exist anymore ?

Well, it would be since the site is down.

GT is down because my account was suspended. I’m on vacation for two more days, so I can’t do anything to resolve the issue, access to site data was revoked and I was only provided a backup. I will be switching hosting and moving data somewhere else, so there’s a high probability that the site won’t be available until the next weekend.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the timing is pretty bad and my hands are tied in this case.

P.S. Inmotion hosting sucks, at the very least their plans and conditions are not as transparent as it looks."


Any plans when this will work again?

I’ll rebuild map tiles in couple days and post an update, sorry for such long wait.

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The map was updated earlier today, it fixed the issue with missing tiles in all locales.

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thx for the map! Great Job!

I’d like block outs for the DLC and differing difficulties on the map, they would be somewhat helpful.

EDIT: Damnit, any way I can alter my user name?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it’s pretty easy to ignore the DLC parts of the map anyway. Anything from the Gloomwald riftgate north is Ashes of Malmouth expansion and the insert is Forgotten Gods.

A moderator can change your username if you wish.

Eh, you are right, as for the name can I get shade_argost if it’s free?

Done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your great job!

Can’t find Vizier Anoxis on map of Swarming Hatchery.

Best regards.

Please note that Dammitt won’t be able to update grimtools until Saturday, 30th November at the earliest.


just comparing this map with another for a bit, still rather lacking imho
for example there’s no “secret” wall or secret location showing in map (which is why i read the map in the first place). it does show the box/chest but not the path itself, which is also important
and also there’s no reminder of some sort for all notes/shrine i’ve encountered
well there is some checklist in other part of the site, but i think it’s better they showed up in map too

i think it’s those 2 above i’ve found lacking compared the other one

Your ingame map shows which shrines you’ve cleansed or not cleansed yet.

True, that’s because there’s no indicator in the game map data for a secret door/path, and compared to the other map (maphack, I presume), GT map is built automatically from game data, so it contains up-to-date data. Maphack on the other hand lacks a lot of stuff, because everything is entered there manually. Although GT map is not updated to the latest patch, but that’s because I don’t have any access to my pc until this weekend.

Map and checklist were designed as two separate resources and I have no intention of combining them into one.

You are free to use another map, this one won’t be updated to your wishes, it’s used as a read only tool for reference, not as a checklist.

allright, that’s fast response lol
thanks for the response, honestly i want to use just 1 map/tool instead of 2
but this will do

btw just some question about map, since you can extract the map from game, why is no one ever make a “modified” map as a mod in the first place? something like fallout map mod, or stalker (i think there’s one)