Grimtools...what happened

site gone?

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If someone have plz upload on Google Drive too


Offline version hasn’t been updated to yet

ok ty makes it hard to try to follow a build for a newbie

Dammit has been away for a couple of weeks. Messages have been sent to him so hopefully he’ll get it sorted out soon.

you must understand that grim tools is not official crate stuff but rather a fan driven thing, same with guides you find on the forum.

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Pl tel me hou mani build calk dawn site

pl make build Sentinel poison i post her.Im nuby

Look here for builds

Does anyone got grimtools map offline version link? I need to download it plz

10chars …


It’s down since yesterday. How are we supposed to theorycraft any build, pencil and paper??:confounded:

for anyone missing the grimtools map; meanwhile you can use maphack map untill grimtools will be back up and going.


nice resource but has not been updated since

yeah i know. its very much out of date. but still better than nothing aslong as you’re not currently in FG, i guess :confused:

or does anyone have an offline version of grimtools map?

Guys just chill. Play another game or level up a new Char or two :slight_smile:

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How could I level a new character without planing ahead? :sob: :wink:

Just bought this in the meanwhile:

I sometimes just make a Char and decide later what i Will do :slight_smile:


When I started playing this game I knew nothing about Grim Internals or Grim Tools or Item Assistant. Are these items absolutely amazing? You bet your sweet bippy they are. But are they ‘required’ to play the game? Nope, I’ll still enjoy the heck out of playing me some Grim Dawn - actually just started leveling an Oppressor - and when GT comes back on line, I’ll send Dammit another patreon boost.