Guardian's Gaze number of Eyes limited to 7! [Video Proof]

Could the cap be removed, please? I doubt you can make a broken build around it.
It would probably be very situational because it’s very hard to have

  • low ( < 1s) skill recharge
  • high proc chance

at the same time. It would be fun to try though.

Test explanation

  • Eye’s lifetime - 10s

    • see the clock to monitor the number of eyes before 10 seconds pass
  • Judgment

    • with 75% proc chance on a single dummy

    • 0.5s recharge, you can see eyes 1 - 7 appear with subsequent cast then cap at 7

    • 1 - 0.25^7 ~ 99.994% chance to proc on 7 dummies seen in the video

In 10 seconds I cast around 15 times so I should have 15 eyes orbiting me.



You’re real scholar, yes you :slightly_smiling_face:


Buff Eyes 2021

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Why wait till 2021? Buff eyes 2020! :slight_smile:

I wonder if aetherfires from Imp devo is are also limited to some number :thinking:

It would have been easier to just extract the data file… Every orbital skill has a projectile max


but math is fun



Rip aetherfire AAR and Vire Spam :sob:

I don’t have experience / modding environment setup up / data extracted.
Also devotion skills records are not named only numbered. With that, maybe also Ceno’s search tool, I understand you could do it in seconds but very casual user would test it quicker than check I think because by default it feels a bit clunky.

Btw I setup Asset Manager incorrectly a few days ago and it started deleting everything from database :man_facepalming:

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