Guide for helping how to choose your build!

Some practical tips:
FW isn’t really for singletarget. It’ll clear packs and you’ll use it while your other skills is on cooldown, but your boss damage comes from shotgunning with Shar’zul’s Wrath and Blitz. The build has plenty of survivability between White Lotus, MW, Blast Shield, and Time Dilation. Being able to purge debuffs (Cleansing Waters on War Cry) is also amazing for your defenses. Again, no, it is not fast. But it’s easy and, in my opinion, far tankier than a 2H DK would be.

Wouldn’t really recommend your edit’s changes but you do you. Just don’t swap to Blindside. You already have more DA shred on Flash Bang than that which Blindside gives you. Keep the single target damage.

True, flashbang is there. Will keep blitz.

Will testplay with some random Obsidian war cleaver first.

My devotions should be better, Revenant and Viper over Manticore, Vulture & Panther.

CRITIQUE OF COMMANDO :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think different opinions should be included and this is mine. The fact that commando is ranked so high by one of the most experienced and respected members of this community confuses the F out of me.

In my very humble and possibly misguided opinion, commando is one of the worst classes in the game. How can a single rr class (and retarded single rr - either clunky mines or the long cooldown Warcry with flat rr not mentioning demo already has flat rr) class be extraordinary?

Versatility? There is one commando build that is very good for endgame: Justice Shar’Zul. It’s outperformed by Warlord and iirc also Tactician despite Shar’Zul being designed specifically for demo. There are also some RRtarded Warborns or Markovians with Beronath Sword that are leagues behind Warlords, Death Knights and Witchblades. Ofc there are Archon Warmaul / Kilrian mace gimmicks, you can try Valdun, you can even finish the game with an aether Stun Jacks commando if you so desire. But I can’t think of a single commie build worthy of being called extraordinary that wouldn’t be better on another class.

Potency? How can this be better than a class that currently has the strongest builds in two playstyle categories, and other classes that have always wrecked the game in different modes (pets? paladin? vindicator?). Commando has not a single achievement in anything that wouldn’t be beaten by another class by many orders of magnitude. If you take all possible criteria of what defines a great build one and write down 5 best builds each, I doubt commando will be mentioned even once.

Leveling? Battlemage is also easy to level. Until you choose the second mastery.

HC? OK, there’s Blast Shield and Flashbang. But clearing the game in HC is more about preparation, knowledge, knowing which res to overcap for which chapter and which bosses, etc. And as opposed to other soldier classes, demo doesn’t exactly have much to offer here: no cc res, regular res, health, etc, Many things gotta be acquired from gear and devos which is hard during self-found leveling. Blast Shield, can’t argue, it’s great.

Synergy? Flashbang? Half its power is obsolete in many cases as soldier also has excellent sources of flat da shred. BwC? Shar’Zul, the commie flagship, already has flat oa shred, and soldier already has dmg reduction. RR? There’s no way soldier’s and demo’s rr can stack in any way, demo already has flat rr. The only thing is very good oa and speed. But it’s not something no other classes have. And its more important at endgame when you care about RESULTS. And those, ironically, are better with just about any other class.

This my personal (but very strong) opinion that commando (next to battlemage) is to soldiers what defiler is to necro or saboteur is to nightblades. Saboteur at least has N&O that does not work better on other classes anymore. Demo is second worst support mastery for soldier.

Ironically, memando was my first build ever. Good times.

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Fire Retaliation also seems to work

Better than shieldbreaker/warlord?


I also saw one do Commando Cadance. Good, but not as good as warlord.

Why do you guys place Archon so high in the tierlists? Isn’t the point of a shaman to wield 2H and the point of an oathkeeper to carry a shield? Is this some kind of meme or am I missing the hidden 15+ build guides somewhere?

EoR Archon with Cyclone set.

Welcome to the forum!

Cyclone set build is top tier.Theoretically fire and vitality build support.I personally think that Archon is second or third worst combo for Oathkeeper.

Archon is good, and it’s not just Cyclone. You got Avenger, Wildblood, and these work on archon. It’s got plenty of health and armor if you choose so (Fervor and Mog line are synergistic), good selection of primary res. I still give Vindicator more points because both masteries support lightning outside Cyclone set, but archon is a powerful combination.

I just started a Defiler today. Planning to do just that, level with pets. :smiley: In fact, the only Demo skills I’ve planned to use are Flashbang and its sister boost. I MAY decide to get some Blast Shield when I get to around 70 because I know not having more points in that mastery bar will feel a little angry. :smiley:

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You might wanna check the how to choose your build guide and different people’s class rankings. The only argument about defiler is whether it’s the very worst or the second worst class.

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I should check Spellscoutge BM and decide :slight_smile:

Warlock next patch will be probably most buffed class.

I relish a challenge. :smiley:

Seriously, what Nery says about Warlocks has me excited. I’ve been working on a build for the last three months and am looking forward to seeing how the update effects my Warlock. I absolutely love playing her as it’s completely different from any other character I have but I can only manage about SR 30 with her. :star_struck:

Any class for 2H beginners? :B
I have played with all Maya’s pet build, but I’m unlucky to get purple equips, and want to try something that can really shoot xD
So, can anyone help me please? :3

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You’ll find some beginner builds and links to others in the Build Compendium.

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Easiest 2h build for beginners is Forcewave physical Warlord /Death Knight /Witchblade. Warlords are always super tanky and have multiple options. If you play DK and want a change, you can always replace it with aether using Krieg.

I personally like Lightning Vindicator and Primal Strike is quite good for leveling.

Fire Shieldbreaker is interesting idea too, since Bartollem green weapon is easy to farm. But my first suggestion is Forcewave :slight_smile:

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oww man. Thanks a lot, really. :heart:

Guide is updated to last patch version, changes:

  • correct typos
  • change little bit formatting
  • remove termite mines from bad example of RR
  • add extra information
  • add/changed classes for damage types