Gulgoth the giant that you kill after talking to the rover, beside the sexy girl that needs jelly. Is not in the crucible, why.


Totally understandable confusion between Royal Jelly and KY.

Those bees are nasty.

Well obviously the huge amount of jelly is needed with all those serrated/vicious spikes

don’t kinkshame

don’t kinkiershame

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Rhowari like her just fine but… sexy? Her dialogue isn’t even particularly racy or anything.

EDIT: More on topic, are ANY of the Troll bosses in Cruc? I don’t remember.

Deadman’s Gulch and Eastern Swamp troll bosses definitely are. Last few crucible runs were lousy with trolls. Haven’t seen Gulgoth, though.

Wut ? Gulgoth isn’t a boss but an Elite.

He was a purple named creature , seems AoM made him to be less than he was , now a lowly hero .