Gunslinger - Deceiver Build

Hi, I want to know what you guys think about the overview of what could become my build I wanna go gunslinger so if you have come things you would change, I want to keep the guns or arbalet.

It seems like you are not sure what damage type you will be doing or actually about of mechanics of some skills. It’s fine, it might be a bit confusing when you start playing. First of all, two exclusive skills don’t work together, you can only have one (I am talking about Possesion and Aura of Censure). Second of all, you have to make sure what’s your element would be - like fire, chaos, aether, full elemental, mixed, etc. Here it seems you are confused thinking that you are gonna do much aether when in fact you won’t be doing almost any aether damage, so amulet with a modifier to Aether resist shred does not make sense. Chest is also out of place. As well as pants.

Anyway, try checking out different gunslinger builds in a compendum and see how they work. Maybe look at some tips in begginer tips portion of the forum. Because your build won’t work in a current state.

hey dude

if u wanna use harbinger go on full chaos damage
like mad_lee said, change the equipment that doesnt fit to chaos (especially the boots)

and take that relic eldritch pact

maybe u should use shard of beronath in your weapon to get a default weapon attack

to your skills:
word of pain 1/16
word of agony 1-5/16 (to get some AoE)
Death Sentence 12+/12 … it has hugh chaos RR

remove aura of censure

get word of renewal 12+/12
(vigor + steel resolve 1+/10)

… i’ll make it short :smiley:


and … get some devotion points ^^