Halo MCC is coming to steam


Damn it - I am so going to have to upgrade now, and it’ll be very nice to be able to play Halo 2 without having to f*ck around with stuff to get it working.

It requires you to have an Xbox Live, just like Ubisoft games require you to have a Uplay account.

And it might be restricted to Windows 10 regardless of being on Steam.

I still own the Games For Windows Live versions of Halo 2 and Gears of War 1.

the games will work on windows 7. can’t say I like the xbox live account details. But then again, I did play Halo, and wasn’t a big fan of it. just too over rated compared to many good FPS games. Not played any others. I might pickthis up on sale or I might not.

I remember playing a Halo game. Like, a long time ago. The first one, I think? I remember the Halo world, a mission about a cartographer, then everything going boom at the end. Anyway, it was fun. I might get this but most likely when it’s on sale.