Hand of Ultos

Hi there,

do you think this constellation proc is worth?
iam going with a ranged PS build with elemtal storm and
arcane bomb Devotion. (also using Viper)
Hand of ultos gives 25% reduced resistence, but is it good?

to me seems good if we lack of a good AoE for clear trash…

if u are going to take it because u need some AoE damage on a ST skill… then ok (ofc, the build have to revolve around those damage… else wasted points)

in any other case i don’t think is a good idea going for it, the devotion itself is ez to pick with that requisite, but it can “drive” your path over “not much useful” devotion at the same time… another story if u are going to pick those devotion and then with a little investment u can even pick this one :stuck_out_tongue:

still, just my opinion, maybe w8 to see even the others opinion (maybe of someone that did try it ingame)

edit: the debuff on the res is not that important there… like, 5% difference is not a big deal since is not -X resistance and not even -X% resistance (then multiplicative).

I took it with my Ultos druid, dropped Spear of Heavens and few other devotions. It’s a good devotions, nodes’ bonuses are quite useful, it’s easy to use (bind it to Upheaval) it synergizes well with other RR sources (like Raging Tempest and Elemental Storm).

Only downside is that I can’t see how it looks or when it goes off among all other fireworks present on my screen.

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