handguards of justice bugged?

Hello I’m quite new in the game but I managed to level a witchblade to 94. Finally got gloves called mythicla handguards of justice. They looked pretty awsome but compared to my other gloves, the damage of forcewave is divided by two… Ok I lose + 24% physical damage and 45% internal trauma but how such a loss???

Is your build physical? Mythical Handguards of Justice convert all physical in Forcewave to fire.

yep. Physical build. So really useless gloves for this build . I understand now. The build I followed is with NON mythical gloves. My bad. This gloves won’t help, and with my level iI dont know how I’ll do to get non mythical ones. Maybe the seller in Fort Haron?

You can try in Elite in areas with enemies in the 65-75 level range. Honestly, any gloves with high cast speed and good resists will do for physical forcewave.

you are right, the one I use for the moment are no fantastic but the build works very well in ultimate, with only one end game item, the belt.