Happy New Year!

2018 soon!

Guys, I fucking love you. I love Crate, I love Big Z, that smug ass asshole.

I hope New Year will bring you G L O R Y and V I C T O R Y in all areas of your life!

Happy new year!

Happy New Year everybody! :smiley:

Happy New Year! Let the force be with you! :wink:

Happy New Year :slight_smile:



it’s only a calendar system to count days you know that don’t you?

Wishing everyone a prosperous, successful and above all Happy New Year. :smiley:

In Russia and some other countries it’s the major holiday. Basically in USSR xmas was considered a bourgeois holiday and therefore not celebrated. It’s traditional to celebrate new year eve instead. It’s essetially your xmas - same xmas tree (calling it new year tree here), same lush decorations, same presents to kids under xmas tree, but from Ded Moroz instead of Santa. Nowadays Xmas in Russia is a holiday as well, but is treated as more or less a follow up of New Year by most (in Orthodox tradition xmas is 7th January).

Spoilsport! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I loathe Sylvester. Didn´t use to, but now that I am old(ish), it just annoys me. I don´t need an excuse to drink, and the rest is just noise. It was fun at first, yet after 40+ times I really just want it to be over.
Also: get the fuck off my lawn!

But by all means: Happy New Year! Yay! :cool:

I feel the same, except i got sick of it way before my 40th

Well done all, we made it through another year on this awful rock. Happy new year…not really, however I do wish you all the best.

it’s 3PM and I’m already getting drunk.

It’s 0:08.

It’s 2018 now.

The time has come… and so have I.

Just think, in 20-30 years time May 4th will be the biggest day of the year and Disney will have come up with some Star Wars mascot that will overshadow Coca Cola’s red Santa, and still manage to encompass every religious cultures’ fundamental views while absorbing their souls for a profit :wink:

In fact it will just be an extension of Christmas which will build up from October and climax on May 4th instead of Dec 25th thanks to marketing. Valentines will be some kind of bullshit Leia/Solo analogy of love to feed off the dumb romantic masses.

New Year’s day will probably be renamed to ABoY day or Mickey Mouse day

Porgs, clearly

Sorry, I edit-ranted after this, but from the hype - yes. Jaja Binks will be Satan/Hades/Pick-your-own-hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year to all !

2018 just arrived where i live and i spent going from 2017 to 2018 playing GD.

Could be worse, I spent the past hour either theorycrafting on grimtools or pouring numbers into a spreadsheet :rolleyes: Also, happy new year to everyone!