Happy New Year!

I will shut up, i’m a man who knows when to drop the ball.

HNY ya’ll. Well I was always the advocate of devs taking their time to finally deliver the best possible product, not something unfinished and stuff. But I gotta admit I would be very glad if no further pushbacks are announced. If Q1 2019 sticks I’ll be happy, that’s all.

Happy New Year’s everybody :smiley:

Looking forward to playing some forgotten gods, hopefully soon and hearing about Crate’s new city development game which has been shrouded in mystery for the longest time.

so we are in the 1st half of 2019 where is ma forgotten gods come on Crate

Another day added to the release date because the question when FG was asked. :smiley: You folks never learn do you. :stuck_out_tongue: I make it 4 days put back now: 3 from discord and one here.

We won’t pay the price for discord people’s sins. No taxation without representation.

Tomorrow is the answer for when FG releases.

Happy new year everyone !

Really excited about all the new stuff coming soon for GD, can’t wait !

If this is happy new year…I’m f*cked…

Feliz año nuevo cabrones XD!!!

I’m really happy about the new expansion nearby, sure it will be a success. And I hope that in the future the third one will arrive with the 10 mastery.
Keep doing good work.

Was so hopefull Med was meaning this new year when he posted that :p, so far no luck though. Keen for FG though, going to be back into a bunch of GD when that and the new 1.1 patch comes out, hoping its gonna make my Archanist a bit more viable and less 1shot-able.

Also a bit late to the party They Live, but thought this would be appropriate for you.

Oh yeah and hope everyone had fun over the newyear period. :smiley:

Well, hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Yeah, I’m starting to have serious hope that after the FG release cools down we’ll see somthing, but I couldn’t resist the chance to try and neadle Med for that comment :P. (now that I say that I hope I haven’t awoken the wrath of Evil Med from his long slumber)

Well i’m late on this i’know but i also wish everyone here an happy new year^^