Harbinger witchblade feedback

I had an old cadence s&b witchblade and just converted him to cadence ranged chaos using the harbinger set.
This is the setup I currently using:

Any feedback regarding gear choices and devotions? any help is appreciated

EDIT: grimtools link

Menhir’s Will doesn’t work with ranged weapons and 1 point in veterancy isn’t worth anything in this build, so drop those. Weirdly, I would recommend dropping deadly momentum. Your build doesn’t have much +physical damage or conversion to chaos, even with the solael’s witchfire transmuter, and You need more in fighting form for increased pass-through chance. I’d drop all but one point in deadly momentum and get 12/12 in fighting form instead.

Are you using self-found gear? You have some less than optimal affixes, particularly the ‘of thorns’, but they are overall quite good, very impressive if using self found. Have you considered Eldritch Pact over Solael’s Decimation?

Looks pretty good otherwise! Nice build in my opinion, aside from the difficulty in finding RR for chaos.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.
yes, I use gear that I craft/loot so the best thunderstruck Stoneplate greaves I crafted were of thorns :stuck_out_tongue:

-Thanks for the mehnir’s will tip, didn’t know that after 1300 hours played…
-The veterancy was mainly 1 point for hp regen because the Dying god hp cost.(same reason I used corpse dust over the runebound topaz)
-Currently using Solael’s decimation because I wanted the OA, and because I dont have all the mats for Eldritch Pact :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting suggestion about deadly momentum, though sounds very reasonably, I will test it, Thanks :slight_smile:

Take it, mate. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwPKXlN

That amount of damage is ridiculous ^^. But what about life steal? Where do you get it from korsar with your setup? ^^

From the medal

Interesting setup Korsar, “keep shooting or die” :stuck_out_tongue:
Did you play it? seems a bit fragile outside of the harbinger set proc

No, I didn’t, but I like damage setups and I’m sure this one will work)
If u prefer more tanky build you can always modify original setup https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26P958Z

Thanks Korsar, I played the more defensive setup with the devotions leveled a bit, and its indeed lots of fun and effective