Has any viable build Saboteur Ranged?

Or any Nightblade + something ?

If you guy can link a thread’s build, I will be grateful.

The only ranged Nightblade build you’d want to play is PBlades Spellbreaker which is really more like a caster build. You can find a nice guide in the build compendium. If you’re thinking about some range auto attack build, it’s pretty pointless to play a class with nightblade.

i think a cadence dual wielding pistols blademaster is possible. You can make an unorthodox use of demonslayer set. Weapon being demonslayer+death dealer sidearm.

The set boosts pierce dmg and Oa among other things which can be ok.

edit : if you are remotely interested in it i could put togheter some grimcalc stuff

Nice good to know, I thought PBlades build was a melee build, because everyone I saw using that build was close-combat.

Good to know, Ill gonna try.

And about the question, I wanna both, caster and auto atack.

Will be awesome if you do that… I was thinking dual wielding pistols, I thought bethween Sorcerer, Saboteur, Pyromancer, Commando, Blademaster, but, Demo+Night in paper I thought was a good combo to play as ranged dual wielding pistols.

The AoE its good as well or its pure single target ?

This is how i would do it


note : i left 11 points to spend + the quest skill points across all difficulties (3) and hidden path points (3) you have 17 points left to spend.

Demonslayer boosts your blade spirit and blade trap, both good skills so you can invest points there.

This build is all about pierce dmg (and that’s why night’s chill is maxed) so go for devotions which match this. (i could even try some devotion setup if you like).

You totally waste the phantasmal blades boosts from demonslayer set but go for cadence as main attack and blade spirit and blade trap as secondary skills.

To answer to your question : Yes cadence itself “pierce” every 3rd strike when used ranged and that is aoe (attack speed is your friend), you also have blade spirit so aoe is not a problem.

Never tested this build myself but it think it could do ultimate without problems (if properly geared) i won’t bet on crucible gladiator though.

Might add devotions or anything you could need.

edit : this would probably shine in BOC farming due to +% dmg to cthonics from demonslayer and sanctified bone (which you should put in your helm)

EDIT2 : i just noticed i didn’t put any points in pneumatic burst/shadowdance, on this build you can’t benefit of breath of bergothian (cause you need dw melee for that) but it could be a good idea to use this skill anyway. If you feel like it ( i would suggest) then you could put just 1 point into blade trap and leave it boosted by your gear and invest those points in pneumatic instead.

Hmm… Thanks… Ill gonna test that build when I hit lvl 85. Thanks.

Can you add the devotion and the rest of the gear ?

im leveling now a Blademaster to test that build, made me curious, soldier+nightblade and as ranged, seens a good combo.