Haunt recipe

Sorry if there is already a thread about this I couldn’t find it so I will ask my question here, is there a boss or an area I can farm that may drop it? I’ve been farming the troll boss in smugglers pass for about 13 hours and haven’t seen haunt, got a few other recipes off it though. I read that the troll has a higher chance to drop the mistborn recipe so I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a boss or area that has a higher chance on its own to drop haunt, thanks.

The more blueprints you get the more chances you have to get it. It doest depend on the monster but in how many other blueprints you already have. Imagine there are 100 blueprints in the game and you already have 50. So, the one you are looking for has 50℅ more chances to drop because you already own the half of them. The more you farm the less blueprint you will miss

Oh it does work like that cool, thanks for the answer. :smiley: