Haunted Steel / Convert dmg into health


i just wondered how much of the damage from CT are gonna be converted, since this type of conversion needs weapon damage.
Lets say CT does 10k damage per hit, from which 2k are weapon damage.
Do the 8% conversion only affect the 2k damage or the full 10k ? :rolleyes:

Cheers :smiley:

Yes it is proportional to weapon damage part in skill, (Lifesteal * weapon damage% in skill)/100 multiplied by whatever damage skill puts out

Only damage from your weapon.
From the game guide:

When on equipment, life steal applies only to your weapon attacks. If you use a skill with % Weapon Damage, that component of the skill benefit from the life steal. In either case, only the direct damage is considered for life steal. Damage over Time, such as Bleed or Poison, does not trigger it.

When found on a skill, Percent of Attack Damage Converted to Health applies to all of that skill’s direct damage.

Haunted steel is an equipment, thus CT’s direct damage can’t steal life, only it’s %weapon damage component does.

thanks panda for that extensive explanation :slight_smile: