[HC] Build Collection by RektbyProtoss



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Thank you - much appreciated. I see the medal is more of a personal achievement than really a help or needed item.
The Amulet is a nice addition since it can be worn from Lvl 1 with all the bonusses.

Thank you

Medal’s main thing is it’s available from level 1 while normally the minimum level even for yellow medals is around 14. This means the medal allows you to use mobility skills from level one.

Ultimately both medal and amulet are unnecessary unless you’re aiming for world record level 100. In my opinion even Lokarr set isn’t super important, exp potions is all you need to quickly get back on your feet after RIP.

I kinda only started really understanding the game midway through AoM xpac to be honest, so your builds amongst others helped me out.

I’m totally fine with that, if I can PM you the links to new threads for builds whenever they are done :smiley: Thx!

No content except GT link. Since it’s impossible to tell whether you’ve actually played the character or it’s just a GT draft it can’t be added to compendium.

Will add the Calla and Ravager link. Other video proof is still missing, that is correct.

Ravager on patch
Callagadra on patch
SR 50-51 patch
SR 50-51 patch

Mogdrogen kill for fire Blightlord Oppressor (
Leveling VoDs for Oppressor (
part 1
part 2

I’m done I guess. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much for taking your time!
As for future builds, I guess I should just post them into the compendium post linking to this thread, if the build has no thread of its own?

You’re welcome.

Yes, that’s how you should do that.

Added SR 65-66 and Mogdrogen video to the chaos EoR Sentinel and thus updated the build to

If you change all your 7% Elemental Resistance augment to Fire + Cold you get more balanced

43% / 58% / 58%

instead of

28% / 43% / 93%

when not under effect of Serenity.

(unless the intent is augments working universally with various affixes on greens
or you simply want that high Lightning % for some reason)

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@tqFan which is an outcast augment… Too bad my char killed anasteria :rofl:

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You… you MONSTER!! :scream:

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In his defense - RBP does have a Devastation build in his collection using Anasteria’s helm. He had to kill her with at least one character and it’s natural he chose a Chaos one for the job.

Awesome collection! Impressive work with all the builds done!

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Thanks for sharing your builds and videos, they’re awesome! I asked a few questions on YouTube, thanks for answering. I had a follow-up question, how would you compare Druid and Warder for 2H melee lightning? I’ve seen some stuff on Druids but seems like Warder is the go to? I don’t have any gear waiting for me so it will be self-found if that makes a difference, and I don’t care too much about the main attack skill more that it’s melee and lightning focused.

Tbh I wouldn’t call myself the 2h melee lightning expert for endgame, Warder, Druid, Vindicator, Elementalist and Conjurer can all work. Most of these also for 2h ranged Primal Strike on top.

This is what I found, it seems like Warder is an all time forum favorite for melee:
Conjurer: [] Korvaak's (ab)user. Ultos 2H Lightning Conjurer
[] Primal Ultos - A supercharged PS >Conjurer< of Storms 150-170 Gladiator in 8:50
Druid: [1.009 -] Lightning God Rises - 5:45m Crucible, SR 75-76, 7s Mad Queen, no greens melee Druid [g3][c+][sr]
Elementalist: [] The Lightning Hammer- Ultos 2h melee Elementalist, Gladiator in 6:45 on average
Vindicator: [] Lightning 2h Ranged Vindicator, Gladiator in ~ 7 minutes
[Ranged Lightning] Crit Striker - Thunderous Strike Rifle Vindicator
Warder: [] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder without Savagery [c+] [sr+]
[] Thunder and Lightning - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]
[] Thor - 2H melee Primal Strike Warder without Savagery, SR 65+
[ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr]


Choose the support class with skills you like the most.

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Looking forward to the Deceiver build :slight_smile:

Hey Protoss,

Which of your builds are the simplest to play?
By that I mean, which require less buttons to play, and are at the same time good for a new HC player