[HC] Build & Guide Collection by RektbyProtoss

Hey Protoss,

Which of your builds are the simplest to play?
By that I mean, which require less buttons to play, and are at the same time good for a new HC player


Awsome! I enjoy your build videos, and it is nice to see your myriad builds in a nicely organized list like this. There is some really creative stuff in here.

update: added the Sunherald Commando

Sorry for the late reply! Probably either the Leviathan Deathknight, the new Sunherald Commando or the Blademasters. Both are pretty easy to play and don’t require you to press too many buttons. The best beginner build is still my SSF beginner Conjurer, but it does require quite some buttons to push…like most of my builds tbh :sweat_smile:

Hey do you normally use a certain modifier for all of your builds or does it vary? I’m trying out the Death Knight right now. Do you have a recommendations?

Not sure what you mean by modifier in this context. You mean like ticking veteran? Or something else?

Added the Abaddoth Deceiver, updated the Ulzuin Sorc, ALR Mage Hunter and cold grenado Saboteur with new CR runs.

does anyone have the link (grimtools) for the Leviathan Bear Deathknight 1.1.8 update ???

Added the Leviathan Deathknight with SR 65-66 run, Mogdrogen kill aswell as Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run on HC.

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I like this project I have similar of my own. Restarted patch 1.1.7 and now wanna make one viable build for each class that is not super meta. Still I play softcore becuase not as skileld as you are professor rekt

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hi protoss I enjoy listen to your videos on yotube. I do not have twitch or any account just wanted to let you know I enjoy content it is almost like grim dawn radio :slight_smile:

I heard you talking about exploring mortar trap build for your hard core adventures. I was wondering if you think my fenix build could be option for you?

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Glad you enjoy my content :slight_smile:

Yea I did check out your build when you posted it and health regen is definitely the route I’d like to play with mortar trap. Either purifier or elementalist with two gollus rings seem like the best option from what I’ve seen so far.

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Commando was also option for me but wanted dual resistance reductional classes because can not get very high percentage damage with build if using the gun for instance. I know mortar commando was popular years ago though.

I wish luck with build and farming gollus rings, gladly there are now some totems along the way to make farm more fun

Good stuff here for hardcore players.


Updated many builds with 1.1.9 SR runs and added fresh Dervish and Spellbreaker builds.

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Hey RektbyProtoss,

Since you play exclusively HC, what is in your opinion the absolute best build at staying alive?


My avenger Warder that I’m currently playing in season 2 of the community league. I’ll put it to this compendium later. You can check out this GT link until then: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYprvWZ
Feel free to use a different amulet (e.g. avenger of cairn) and different gloves (e.g. crimson claws).

After watching the stream, I can confirm. Grim Tools provides more ups and downs than this build,
especially that there’s always a chance of @RektbyProtoss refreshing the calc page
and having to start over or failing an attempt to improve some stat.

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If Rekt played some actual pet builds he would have responded “pet conjurer”

Nah dude pets are dead /s

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Hey again, sorry to bother you, but could you please guide me through the Devotion points as I level?
That path seems a bit tricky…
If you have the time… thanks :slight_smile: