HC lvl 60 Dreeg conjuror spammer - low dps unsure of build

Hi there

So I’m at 60 with my conjuror dreeg build.
I’m unsure of it as I’m struggling in Elite.


Here’s the build.



Dps 3771 (base)

Elem 80
poison 80
Pierce 80
Bleed 70
Vit 44
Aether 48
chaos 83

Life 7501
Armour 557
OA 1305
DA 1317
Physique 751
sprit 552

I’m a bit lost. dps not great and a bit squishy due to having to wear Miasma set.
Wand - Touch of Purity.
Using curse to weaken, throw down a weak Sigil then a doombolt and spamming Dreeg.

I have the full miasma set, and am looking for empowered versions.

I use Hellhound for distraction and have bonus 3 points in it. So just put one point in there.

Should I put doombolt points into more sigil?
I’m not killing bosses very fast :frowning:

Any thoughts/ feedback welcome.



Mastery in shaman do not sinergize that well with a DEE poison build IMHO. As conjurer you would probably do better with a full vitality caster build. For pure poison builds witch hunter or warlock could be better options.

BTW if you want to stick with the poison conjurer idea, some points spent in Aspect of the guardian (for phys resistence) could help you somehow. Aspect of the guardian helps you with some buff to acid/poison damage too. The points you invested in Sigil Of Consumption are too few in order to make that skill useful to keep you alive, so maybe you should invest more in it, but only if your equip gives you at least some decent vitality damage bonus. As it is that skill is probably pretty much useless right now, both for damage and healing. You could switch some points from vile eruption, you probably don’t need it that much right now: it’s only for dealing more AOE and with some more points in SoC you should be able to compensate that aspect.

Another option in order to help you staying alive would be to put some points in wendigo totem (for healing and some little help in dealing AOE damage).

Probably you suffer having few points invested in the shaman mastery bar, which means low hp/attributes, but i don’t see what useful skills you could get later in the shaman mastery bar for a poison build…

If you want to play Conjurer as a pure a caster (not a summoner) i’ve tried this build for a full vitality conjurer:


and it’s VERY strong. Maybe you could give it a chance, if you don’t manage to fix your poison conjurer the way you want him to be.

Good to see i’m not the only one crazy enough to try Caster Conjurer, and Witchblade.

Anyways you posted grimcalc by including plus skills. I did it from scratch, since your gear is bad i focused mostly on an offensive devotion setup.

Level 60 Skill setup along with complete devotion using all your 50 points->http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-BYnpSJ

Some things can be done differently, most notably Fetid Pool is simply for Crowd Control but if not needed those points can go into something else.

Level 85->http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-F1VxKT
Second rite to fill resistance gaps to enable you to invest in other components.

Since you said you have miasma set, i can tell your setup is pretty weak. I’m going to suggest you to start maxing faction rep now. You’d find faction gear is really good and the best stuff is accessible to you once you hit lv.70. Besides you need augments to fill resistance gaps anyways.


As the previous post says, Vitality Conjurer beats a poison conjurer due to insane resistance debuff. But if you want to try poison conjurer even after that i posted a setup for you

Remove Fetidpool and put them in ulz torch for OA and crit dmg

If only DEE had better acid numbers so that Spam could match up to poison stacking

Hey guys many thanks for the feedback.
I decided to try something different and don’t follow others builds - which def leads to problems. I’m honoured with Devil’s crossing and deaths chosen. So I’ll look to max out those two reps.

Interesting build alternatives or adjustments here - and a lot to think about.
I’ve tried the perdition set but get no dps. I really need the empowered misama but have found none.

So I’m farming HC VET for empowered epics.
Seems like if you dont’ rng any empowered epics for your build, you’re pretty much done for.

Interesting switch from sigil to Wendigo totem - so I may do that. I do get some Vit damage % from possesion (115%) so that may help with vit damage.

I’ll check out the other builds and devotions.
I might roll a vit conjuror too.

TYVM for all thoughts gone into your posts.



Good to see i’m not the only one crazy enough to try Caster Conjurer, and Witchblade. - :slight_smile:

quick prayer to RNG

Sorry bit lost with this. What’s fetid pool?

In terms of health - doesnt sigil also give life on attack?


Bit down as I don’t see a way to get enough dps to kill bosses and wonder whether this guy can make it :frowning:

Would it be better to respecc into full vitality?

Hey Turnip! :slight_smile:

Isn’t the miasma set setup for a poison vitality bloody pox setup?

Ditch it :slight_smile: Although I didn’t go with shaman as second class (I picked arcanist), I still got to end of Elite with yellows greens and only a couple of blues :slight_smile:

So I guess like the above guys mentioned, either go with vitality damage, switch up your skills to hammer that home, or stick with poison, and switch out your gear.

DEE ends up doing 20k+ poison ticks in ultimate, and that is not close to haveing even half BiS items yet :slight_smile: so DEE does get fun!

Your OA is terrible for going into elite, can you get a ring or two “of attack”? and maybe a belt “of attack”. That should help you heaps, as the poison dots can crit :wink:

Sigil is terrible for your main issue (killing bosses), so drop it completely. DEE will clean trash just fine due to its design. With bosses, layer your dots, then move a bit out of range, re-apply your dots, move a bit out of range. You’ll start cleaning house when you get your OA up about 2.5k with BoD on.

If you haven’t already yet, get gloves with “of celerity”, cast speed helps heaps with getting a bit more up front acid damage spam to go along with he dots.

I’d suggest something more like this:

why have distraction pets when you can double slow everything down to a crawl and let the poison do its thing?

my DEE doesn’t even have the double slow, and melee stuff doesn’t get to me (unless its a hero of swiftness or boss ;)).

ps: you don’t need any plus skills to start getting through Elite. And the drops are better in Elite too :slight_smile: You will probably find you even skip the empowered Miasma set! (I definitely did! resistant bloodsworn robes of vitality :))

pps; if you find an item that applies another poison dot, if it doesn’t hamper your OA or resistances too much, use it, as all the stacking dots make health bars dissappear :slight_smile:

I hope you get it to work! MELTING FACES BUILD :slight_smile:

rejigged the devotions.
dropped some small amounts of % poison and chaos damage and poison resist, in favour of more %OA, %crit, flat OA, flat DA, energy regen, % all damage.

The % all damage makes up completely the loss in poison and chaos damage from the eye.

Well, you probably could give it some more tries before you decide. Consider that in order to go vitality conjurer you’ll have to invest more points in shaman mastery bar, an that will be unchangeable.

That said, there is nothing wrong in “respec” a character. :smiley:
I myself with my warlock (first char i created) was playing a DEE build and could not find a way to get completely saatisfied by it. At some point i switched to pure chaos ARR warlock and is giving me a lot of satisfactions now. :slight_smile:

How’s your Witchblade?

I wanted to try one, basically transforming DEE Witchhunter build into Witchblade. Removing the whole DEE line for Soldier tree survival stuff, and using Cadence without any modifiers as single target with as much damage conversion as possible (is it possible to get 50%+ conversion to acid\poison?).
Leaving all offensive Poison\Acid Constellations as in DEE Witch-hunter and using Guardian Gaze, Poison relics, Plaguemancer amulet for poison AOE.

I’m not sure if it work out, and if i should go for 50 master in Soldier with Shield (for Menhir’s Bulwark). Or i’ll should go for 2h.

I wanted a more lazy and relaxing build than DEE Witchhunter (because mis-clicking Shadow Strike in BoC results in death even on Veteran), but i’m not sure if 1h+shield will be enough in DPS department, while 2H won’t be only a bit more sturdy than Witchhunter.

Any though or advises?

Thanks for the replies - I have very little in poison damage items than misama
as soon as I switch from Miasma to other epics and some legendaries my dps plummets.

I guess I’ll just farm more, for poision greens. - I dont look at greens enough and have kinda got hung up on epics.

One thing about DEE and my skill setup is that there’s no real crowd control skill like OFF or devastation. COF has some crowd control but I found OFF much better for crowd control. Is there a final good crowd control skill in conjuror.

Devastation on my arcanist is v powerful. - and OFF is awseome

Seems conjuror lacks a good final skill apart from possession which just increases Dps - it’s not a skill like devastation.

Without a crowd control skill and poor dps vs bosses I’m pretty much f***ed.

Thx again for all feedback. I’m currently farming for a rotten heart for an awesome off-hand but it never drops.



Try put some points in grasping vines + entangling vines. The first gives strong AOE slow (60% with only seen points and stacks with COF), the second gives a chance to immobilize targets. It’s very good to proc offensive devotions too