HC Starter Build

What’s a good build for HC. I don’t have an existing high level character, so I don’t have any set items to work with. I considered a DK working towards the Krieg set but wanted some feedback before I got too far. I seem to caught in this loop of running a character up to the Warden, and then trying something different (Witchblade, Spellbreaker, and Death Knight so far). Any ideas?

2h Transmuted Forcewave build (any class combo will work)
So You could go Death Knight and switch over to a krieg’s build when you get the gear.

Vitality Conjurer’s are also easy to level. 2h Forcewave is faster tho.

playing pets on a necro until the mid 30s early 40s can speed things ip. then you can think about switching to cadence or forcewave. probably forcewave, as cadence needs more endgame things to get rolling fast.

Thank you. I switched to Forcewave, and being careful about reflect auras. Level 37 and all is well.

Use a 2handed weapon and dont invest much points in Internal Trauma, then you have no problem against reflect mobs.