[HC][Witch Hunter] Hobbit's "Emerald" Poison Hunter

But doing that means taking points out of something else. There’s always something you have to compromise.

You’re right that it’s a very tight build to pull off, but that was honestly a lot of the fun that went into creating it. A lot of PoE is slowly refining a build into near perfection, and this build more than any other I did in GD reminded me of building a top level PoE character. It was a lot of fun to both create and play.

There’s dozens of ways to skin the cat and I encourage everyone to find their own method. This is what worked well for me.

Well…you finished the game with 0 deaths and had fun - that’s all it matters in the end. I can only imagine that getting those rolls on the rings, though, was a tedious and painful process.

Fairly early on when creating builds Odir and I realized that legendary rings in this game were relatively weak compared to other slots. Most of them are in fact quite trash. So we started using rings to balance resists/stats on other builds and were crafting them in bulk for a long time. Obviously the ones on this char were some of the best but we also got a couple dozen other fairly decent rings that are being used on other characters - i.e. “Incorruptible of Attack” rings are very strong and we wound up with 3 of those total between the two of us.

In general though yes I will admit trying to craft these rings specifically for this build and nothing else would be quite excruciating, hence including the alternatives section.